Facebook is further flexing its publishing muscles, changing its News Feed algorithm to reduce the amount of clickbait that users see.

The bottom line: Media companies, which have become increasingly dependent on Facebook in attracting readers, will have to comply with the site’s editorial values or face a fall-off in social media referrals.

It’s probably no surprise that people do not like clickbait headlines. To fix the pervasive problem, Facebook’s algorithm will start playing editor to your News Feed in the coming weeks.

The new virtual editor — built by a team of engineers who analyzed tens of thousands of clickbait headlines — will identify phrases commonly used to lure clicks, such as “You’ll Never Believe Who Tripped and Fell on the Red Carpet …” or “Apples Are Actually Bad For You?!” and push those posts further down in the scrolling stream of information known as the Facebook News Feed

A majority of U.S. adults — 62 percent — get news via social media and 18 percent of them do so often, a Pew Research Center and John S. and James L. Knight Foundation survey found. Facebook is by far the biggest social network — it has 1.71 billion monthly active users — reaching more than two-thirds of U.S. adults. The two-thirds of Facebook users who get news on the platform, then, would equate to 44 percent of the overall population, the study found.

Via : http://www.cnbc.com