Creative meeting with yourself to help better understand their own inner world, to develop a creative flair and increase personal productivity.


The sensational bestseller Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way,” perhaps the key instrument of creative and personal growth are the practice dates with yourself: walking, traveling, creating paintings and handicrafts.

During the meeting can be creative yourself to learn something new, to follow their own emotions and changes.

For many such visits have become a stumbling block, especially when the museums, theaters and cinemas have been tried. This is due to the inability to devote at least an hour per week only, dive into their inner world. But there are so many ideas for an exciting pastime.

Here are some of them:

1. Stroll through his hometown, if you are here for the first time. Feel like a tourist.

2. Take a small amount and make a crazy image of the things bought in second-hand .

3. Record your video to your favorite song of youth.

4. Go to the cemetery: think of the tragic and romantic stories about the lives of those who are at rest, think about eternity.

5.  Photograph something unusual. Wicker chairs, yellow cars, men with a hat. The main thing is that by the end of the day you have to get at least 10 photos. The crazier the object for the photo, the more interesting.


6. Stick your finger in the list negollivudskih films awarded the “Oscar”, download, look to the end.

7. Write a letter to yourself in a year. Seal. Hide, put a reminder on your phone to read a year.

8. Perform a normal weekday, without spending a penny. Yes, transportation and lunch – too. You do not have to starve and walk, improvise!

9.  Make a vision board. You have also a long time for some reason, is a stack of old magazines? Then they will come in handy.

10. Take a ride on a commuter train to the first unknown destination. It is desirable in the daytime, of course, and with the money for a return ticket.


11. Go to a coffee shop with a laptop and write a story about a couple that sits across the street. Who knows, perhaps you slept great playwright.

12. Visit the café for vegans. Usually it serves food, unusual for the average person. Expansion of gastronomic memories guaranteed.

13. Make a list of 100 things you adore. Or hate. Or both lists. You will be surprised yourself.

14. Learn a last letter to Onegin Tatiana!

15. Engage in yoga. Not necessarily just to twist the ram’s horn. It is enough to try a few simple asanas .


16. Drag Espresso cup in a coffee shop for an hour. Watch. Think. Meditate.

17. Complete the last one of the webinars that are gathering dust in the tabs. It’s your choice.

18. Take a walk down the street, listening to classical music.

19. Buy in-store deli completely unfamiliar product, get the most delicious recipe and cook with it a masterpiece.

20. Select a folder with photos of the best of the year. Print out and insert it into a beautiful album.


Even little attention to itself quite soon result in a noticeable pleasant change. Do not forget to devote time only to themselves at least once a week.

And what would you do for love with himself?