Ever green The Valley of Swat

People travel for different reasons, some travel for fun, some go on travelling to see new places, some has pure study based trips and some travels for fitness. Every travel has some specific reason, but the most popular reason is to meet friends and to have some get together.

Reason to travels changes with the area. In Pakistan get together is the main theme behind all travelling and touring. Pakistan is very beautiful country. Some best sights are appealing for travelers from all around the world to visit. In summer people came to visit these beautiful places and enjoys their time. Every year more that 80% foreigner visit the country Northern areas and explore some worth seeing places. Swat Valley is amongst these great beauties. The birth place of Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai. Some Popular Places in Swat are:


Saidu Sharief

Visit the Swat museum, Butkara archaeological site ( Where there are 215 Votive stupas and one main Stupa from 2nd century BC – 5th Century AD ) Also have a detailed walk in Mingora bazaar and shop some of the best shawls and handicrafts of the region.


Archaeological Sites

Visit Butkara1 Butkara 2 , Udegaram , and Shingardar Stupa all sites of the Kushans Period. Later a detailed lecture in Swat museum on the chronology of Swat.

Day Upper Swat valley

Drive upto Kalam visit the bazaars of Madyan & Bahrain. At Kalam have a short walk in the hills. Late Afternoon return to Saidu.


Walk Kalam to Ushu

A dream of a hiker. Great scenic walk through the green mountains to the glacier of Ushu have picnic on the way return to Kalam coach or walk back.

Malam Jaba & Miandam

Visit these magnificent points above 7000 ft. Have a stroll in the villages and enjoy the green scenery. Evening visit Marghazar White palace Hotel .