In my life there were several saints, with whom I “complex relationship.” John of Kronstadt, Xenia of Saint Petersburg, Matrona of Moscow. For many years I treated them with indifference, sometimes – with skepticism. Then Ksenyushka helped me, and I was able to open his heart to her – or vice versa. With the father of John, our relationship is still strained, but with Matrona still difficult.

Several years ago, I had spent two years working in the capital. Several times I changed the place of residence there, but it was always just around the corner from the Pokrovsky monastery. Projects were heavy, infinitely delayed wages, work itself and the relations were very strained. And two years of endless stress almost every day I said to myself that we should go to Matrona. And then I stopped the weather, the fatigue, the cork, the queue, then something else. The last two weeks of my stay in Moscow stood out particularly severe, and literally in a state of nervous breakdown, I crawled into the yard of the monastery. I went out there in a few hours, calm, loving the whole world, to forgive everyone and everything, ready to take any vertex. Perhaps, in spite of some of my inner doubts, we now have a good relationship Matron Mother!


Born Matrona Dmitrievna Nikonova, the future saint, in 1881 in the village of Sebino Tula province, not far from the famous field of Russian glory – Kulikova. She was the fourth child in a poor peasant family. Matron Parents were no longer young, so his mother decided to send their children to the shelter of Prince Golitsyn, who was in a nearby village, but shortly before the birth of the girl saw a prophetic dream. A woman dreamed of a white bird with a human face and tightly closed eyes. Seeing an image of the future daughter, Natalie decided not to give her child; Moreover, although the girl was born totally blind (eyes was not at all – only the orbit, eyelids closed, just like a bird in the dream), the mother sincerely loved her. Fears of parents that her daughter would be superfluous mouth, not simply failed to materialize, and eventually were completely refuted: Matrona became breadwinner.

But this will happen later, and now the girl is just starting to grow. From infancy, it is a way of life, which is written in the ancient Lives – refuses to take the mother’s breast on Wednesdays and Fridays. During the infant baptism of all those present saw a pillar of light girl and fragrant smoke, which allowed the local priest, Father Vasily, say that this child will be holy. (My father was very fond of Matrona, always came to her communion, when she asked, and said she was informed of his death so later it happened: one day in the middle of the night is already a big girl woke up and told her mother that Father Basil died – parents ran in. his house and found the priest dead.)


Matron was devoid of the usual joys of childhood and play with other children, who only laughed at her blindness, they loved to push it or whip nettles, put in the pit and watch as she tries to get to the touch. All this has led to the fact that the girl became as much time to spend at home, going out of the yard only in the Church. Mother always knew where to find her daughter, if that was not at home – in the west wall of the entrance of the temple door. And soon I had to seek common: an opened at the Matron gift of clairvoyance and healing learned in the district, in Sebino pulled people from the neighboring villages. Girl helping those who ask, and they in turn gives her parents who – food, who is – money.

When Matrona was 14-15 years old, the local landowner’s daughter took her with him on a long pilgrimage to the holy places of Russia. Kiev-Pechersk and Trinity-Sergius Lavra, St. Petersburg, Kronstadt and many other cities. In Kronstadt girls I met with Father John – and he came to the Matron through the crowd, publicly declared her his change, “the eighth pillar of Russia.”

Returning home was a happy, but soon clouded disaster: in 17 years, Matron legs were paralyzed and she lost a lifetime opportunity to go. It is interesting that the very blessed stated that it knew of the impending disease: “There was the temple after Communion and she knew that the woman suit and take the ability to walk. I did not avoid it – such was the will of God. ” From that moment begins fifty years of “sitting” Matron mother: she took suffering sitting and sleeping, too, will never lay on the bed completely, just dozing “on the cam.”


Only once again come out of the holy feet home – it will guide the arms toward the religious procession, marching in Sebino from Bogoroditsk with the icon “Perishing”. This image of the icon painter ordered Matron Epiphany itself, all life is very fond of icons. Holy mother worried how to pay for such an order, but the blessed blessed women collecting money in the surrounding villages. It is known that the two brothers were among the donors, one of them with great reluctance gave rubles, while the second, with a sneer, – one penny.

When gatherer brought donations that Matrona took the rubles and kopecks and ordered to pay back with the words “they spoil all the money.” Not just happened with painter: before working mother told the artist to repent of all sins, communion, and then several times strongly asked whether he will cope with the task, to be able to, but the man was confident in his abilities. But after a while he came and confessed that the icon does not he turns. Matron told him to confess sin still eaten in secret before, which he did in much trembling. Soon the image was written. “Seeking the Lost” has become the main local shrine, famous for many miracles, and especially helping to drought.

There are many healing prayers of the Holy Blessed Matrona, a story about them would take a huge amount of time. One of them happened: in the village of Mouth, not very far from the Sebino, lived a man who suddenly, overnight, unable to move, completely denied the arms and legs. this man’s sister lived in Sebino and highly esteemed Matrona, but because she immediately went to his brother and brought him to my mother. First came a sister, to ask whether the patient will take the blessed, but she asked from the doorway: “Well, your brother said that I can not do anything, and he became like a whip? Bring him to me, I’ll help. ” After healing a man, matron pointed out that only faith and his sister helped.


Matron Mother humbly endured the hardships of his illness, but coming to her advising that treatment and to protect the health of a must, because the body – a “house of God-given, it should be repaired.” Therefore, she prayed for the healing of all who spoke to her, only occasionally indicating, for what is taught this lesson.

On Friday, May 2, 1952 Blessed Matrona departed to the Lord, bequeathing “Everything, everything come to me and tell me how to live; I’ll see you and hear you and help. After my death, the grave of my little people will walk, but after many years, people will learn about me and crowds go for help. ” And so it happened. In 1998, the holy relics were uncovered, and May 2, 1999 she was canonized as a local saint, a “prefix” Moscow. After another five years in 2004, Matrona of Moscow was the general church canonized saints. Since then, Pokrovsky Monastery receives daily crowds of those who go to the mother with their sorrows, joys, worries and thanked.


The modern mind may be difficult to accommodate some things from the life and teachings of St. Matrona. And it could be a ban on the use of cosmetics, and the idea that voluntary dooming yourself on not walking way of life has become the cross not only for the mother but also for those who went after her, with whom she had lived.Many doubt can overcome a person familiar with Matrona of Moscow only the lives of the lines – and you can try to vysokoumno explain some things “popular Orthodoxy,” to write off to another era, to seek to accommodate the spiritual mind. However, it should only come in Pokrovsky Monastery and visit the grave of the saint. That grace, which is shed for you, in spite of all the queues, long waiting times approach the relics, stuffiness and bustle, do all the doubt unimportant, insignificant and stupid.6