Dusk Mobile for iOS app is useful if you have something to say, but do not want to know you. In it you can run the stream or record a podcast without revealing his face and voice.


Anonymity on the Internet – a double edged sword. On the one hand, it gives a chance to speak without fear of persecution on the part of government agencies. This also otnesёm cases, when a person wants to pour out his heart to the topic, such as domestic violence, however, are not ready to do it in the open. On the other hand, anonymity equips lowland people who for electronic screen turn into a troll hunter.

Therefore, it is difficult to imagine what will be the youngest app Dusk as they grow older: an arena for challenging conversations or booth for dirty verbiage. Although it should be noted that the creators promise total cleaning of abuse and bullying. But it is too early to judge, after going through the first few days Dusk Periscope: streamers learn functionality and do not broadcast anything intelligible. See for the most part there is nothing, the more that the picture is divided into pixels, and his voice changed by the robot.

To register Dusk does not need any e-mail address or phone number. Instead, you come up with a name for themselves and are asking the PIN-Code. Change can be in the application settings.

Dusk Start screen contains a list of live streams, as well as their records. Number of views and likes will approximate benchmark, whether it is worth looking into VOD.


Within each Stream have a chat, where anyone can post comments. At the same time for the tape drive is still entitled to block the user utterance, and so that they do not know about it. Moreover, Dusk filters identify unflattering comments by keyword, and can remove them without warning. However, too early to judge how effective all this – too few people sitting.

And those who have mainly discussed Trump and political developments in the United States. Sections “Startups”, “Religion”, “Relationships” and others still are waiting for explosive speakers. However, at Dusk appear first popular streamers. Russian-speaking is not among them, so that we can try to be the firs


Dusk creators do not chase after money and do not think about monetization. They advocate for social change and support tool that gives strength to express my sincere opinion about everything. A person can not worry about your privacy: the video stream is encrypted on the mobile device and enters the Internet is absolutely protected. At the same time the audience sees the picture of hundreds of pixels and hear gruff male voice – impossible to identify the speaker.