February 5, 2011 at about noon a small airplane, “the Cessna” lifted me into the sky, and we flew to the waterfall “Angel” – the highest waterfall in the world. We with my friend M. was in Venezuela, and I, frankly, do not really understand how I ended up in this incredibly beautiful place, but we have been preparing for the trip ten months.

Airplane fluttering like a hummingbird, up and down, “Angel”, swept in fearful proximity to the rock wall, right next to the water falling from a height of 979 meters. We dived into a rainbow cloud of tiny droplets, down on the plane almost to the bottom, and then soared into the sky, where a waterfall was visible all over like on a postcard – beautiful, incredible, unreal.

An exciting spectacle. I think about this, you can only dream of.

But the fact is that I have something just for this dream is not. Yes, I really like the idea to go to the national parks of Venezuela, but really dreamed about this my friend M. She was burning with this idea, and I willingly acceded to her enthusiasm.

Winter trip to Venezuela greatly pleased us both, but in my case it was only a small window from winter to summer. For AM it was much more serious. Preparing for the trip, we both started to learn Spanish, but I soon abandoned the case – at the moment at work had to run a lot of new projects, and I have no strength left to study the language. Unlike me, M. purposefully engaged, even though it was very busy too.

A couple of years later, we both entered the magistracy. I chose psychology – that is, just returned from the management in your favorite psychology and psychotherapy that was logical and predictable. But M. shifted from psychology in an entirely new to anthropology. And later she returned to Latin America not as a tourist but as a researcher to study traditional medicine.

See how interesting it turns out. The same trip in a completely different impact on us. Now I think about it, how about a beautiful but distant dream: Venezuela has little to do with the general course of my life. And for M. This was an important turning point in the fate.

Why is this happening? Why meet with the same teacher for one person – a revelation, and for another – just an ordinary event in a series of others ?? Why the same journey for someone becomes a “transition point”, and another – a nice sticker on your suitcase?

I think the point is how these experiences are inscribed in the overall course of our life. If we want something almost by accident, or got it easy, like winning the lottery – it is very difficult to integrate into the rest of the context. If, on the contrary, an important and significant event inscribed very logical, as a result of our external and internal forces in the general outline – then we can build on it as a step.

Dream and way of life

One of the common wishes of the birthday: “Let your dream fulfilled.” We pronounce it, usually a person wanting some impressions, events, changes or acquisitions.

But dreams can be quite differently included in other reality. It makes no sense to pile up “Potemkin villages” dream, if all the rest of life in general, we do not like. A much more thorough and deeper much healing for us this dream that is deeply rooted in our hearts.

In fact, the “dream” – is a way of life, in which naturally and easily, with some regularity, there are some “dream events” and “experience the dream.” For example, very common in Soviet childhood dream was to become an astronaut. But there is a difference between “to become an astronaut” and “fly into space.” Cosmonaut – this is not a space tourist. Cosmonaut – a professional in the life of the flights into space – just part of the job. And some of the astronauts never flew and did not fly – but they spend all their life in the preparation, they are ready to fly. They are – to a greater extent the astronauts than a tourist, that at some point short of the window saw a blue ball of the Earth, and then back to business as usual.

True, true, deepest dreams – the ones in which we are not tourists. In which we are not casual viewers, not idlers. In which we are engaged in something that logically linked with the whole of our life.

“To go somewhere” might just be the idea of the book “A Thousand places worth seeing” – and then such impression, in fact, leave a deep trace in us. So Venezuela is not really changed me, although in itself it is indescribably beautiful. For me that trip was a gift, a bright and a fantastic experience, the cherry on the cake – and M. became daily bread for my girlfriend. What is the difference? The difference – in the source. Does this dream a long history in our lives? As she came with us? As she was born as growing? What fed this dream – fantasy of “another life” or sap our reality? Is this a dream to work with us, or sitting in the upper room of the soul, as the Princess and the Pea? Could this be a dream of our support – or whether it is only a parasite on us, enriching travel agencies and vendors?

Dreams and “status consumption”

Our need for exploiting the dream.

Most often it is operated, so that we have something to sell. When the company “De Beers” realized how much their possession was a diamond, they have a problem – how to ensure the sale of all these treasures. Ten years marketers deliberately “treated” people – and now a new generation of young women has grown from a dream about the engagement, the main feature of which is a ring with a diamond. Diamonds are beautiful in themselves, but in fact their extremely exaggerated. Every year the world produces about 176 million carats of diamonds. To them profitable to sell, you need to greatly restrict the production, creating artificial scarcity, and to heat specially designed dream.

The same thing happens with the sale of cars, houses, impressions. The status consumption takes in our minds the place that could hold much more home to us things.

States also need to exploit our dream – offering turnkey solutions, ready to answer questions about who and what our true heart. Of course, it is beneficial to any state – so they get a good soldier and citizen-driven.

But we are not in a hurry to separate dreams from these imposed. After all these our aspirations are much less spectacular. Went to rest on the fashionable resort – it is prestigious, under the photos there will be many “likes”. But for some reason, to visit a small and remote town where you were born and where he does not have very many years – it is a strange idea. It’s very few people understand. And there is nothing to take pictures, maybe … So is it worth while to go?

Dream and live – almost synonyms

It turns out that a real dream come true – it is not some isolated event, not a bright patch in the gray dress everyday, not whimsical fantasy divorced from reality.

It is a powerful stream, woven into our lives.

Maybe the “dream” – it means to live so that real and deep desire is embodied? Dream – this is not to sink into the illusion, and build your life as tells us our deep sense, our heart and our beliefs?

With this understanding, “dream”, “live” and “incarnate” – are almost synonymous. The verb “to dream” could mean creating a reality in which there is a place for what we love, that we value what we value. Then the “dream” – is to be true to its essence and not be distracted by advertising brochures.

And then the “dream” – is almost the same as “being happy.”