Bet you regularly forget to praise yourself and say to yourself, thank you? And it must be – first of all, in order to move forward.

Saying “you get used to a good fast” is usually interpreted as follows: people – ungrateful beast, no matter what he was in life, it always will be small. And I think it has another very important. The man quickly forgets how much strived to achieve the current level. No matter what level – awareness, income, relationship with someone, skills, language skills, driving machine. Get used to the good, earn their own labor. And just looking up at the next step. And then ten steps forward. Rather than look down and say, “Wow! I really started from there, from the bottom? Here I have done! “.

Winners of various competitions and awards in his speeches to thank anyone: mother, father, husbands and wives, directors, coaches, team. There is no dispute, it is important – to be grateful. Why thank other people – always, and you can forget about yourself? Why no one says, “I am so grateful to myself that in the night crying and wanted to give up, still did not give up! I got up the next morning and set to work. ” “I thank myself that worked hard, endured criticism and tried to think about the good, even when it was so difficult.”
Thanks itself, the recognition of their own merit helps us to grow. When we are proud of the results of their work, we are much easier to take on new tasks and projects, and they are better than we produced. It is very difficult to come up with and implement new interesting idea, when you feel worthless loser.

Know your weaknesses and the growth zone is certainly useful. But tell me honestly: Do you really not know them, and without exception?

We grow up in a society centered on shortcomings. Their parents constantly stress, they emit red in the teacher’s notebooks, adjusted coaches, and even service workers – from beauticians and stylists to the repair team – will not fail to note, what is your problem skin, dry hair, and that the floor in the apartment would not be out of place align, who put it this would pootryvat hands.

Ask anyone to list ten of its shortcomings – he counted at least twenty, thirty, as much as necessary. But people name their dignity difficult. To think about their strengths and valuable qualities seem overkill, pampering. Especially list aloud. Although it is with their help, we move through life. Do not know your resources – all the same that wander blindly.

Any student in the course, on what subject he planned to “three” and to which he had no inclination. Poor tries in mathematics, there is no language skills, no ear for music, do not understand chemistry … But when the teenager will think about choosing a career, how he did it help? He will need to know what he does well: analyzes information, invents stories, combines color, and perhaps can all reconcile and take into account the interest of each. If teachers and parents often praised, and not in the abstract, “Well, you have done today,” and the subject – “you sistematiziruesh fun facts” – surely it would be more people who are satisfied with their profession.

If you have a wonderful verbal intelligence and the capacity for language, why blame yourself that you feel bad in your mind and memorize numbers? Learn a third language. Chances are, at some point, you will learn how to memorize dates and figures words as poetry. Although it is possible to follow the path of the heroic overcoming and becoming very poor and unhappy engineer.

And the relationship with the people can be built in different ways. Someone is always ready to come and help business, someone the priceless sense of humor: laugh together – and immediately my heart lighter. If you have a sharp critical mind – you go for the sober advice, and if you are emotional – you probably know how to listen and sympathize, more than anyone else.

When you reproach yourself, just you konstatiruete that you can not step on a broken leg. No you can not. So what? And praising yourself, you designate your strengths – and immediately see what you can build, that helps you.

You will find five reasons to praise yourself today?