1It is well known, that the love between two adults free people can end: sometimes relatively peaceful parting by mutual consent, often – a sharp rupture of relations, the suppression of all communication and even the departure from the general circle of acquaintances. Sometimes even the mass of intermediate variants. In this case we call this love unfortunate or even tragic, in extreme cases – unsuccessful. Affected parties listen to the many friendly comfort in the style of “Come on, forget all that was, it was not your man.”

We ourselves, and often try to convince that wasting time, energy and emotion on the person who no longer loves us. Or love, but not the way we want. Or there are all very difficult: we are somehow not able to fall in love with it right – whether trying to bad, or bad understood what was required of us … well, the fact remains – exactly wilted tomatoes.

And if you think about? Is it bad to be in love? Yes, now I feel the pain and emptiness. But as always happens when you lose something, even if accidentally left on the tram favorite scarf. And then – a man, he was in the shower is a great place, and now left him. But is it bad that our heart is alive, since it feels the loss? Much worse could feel nothing, or give up relief – well and good, and the sight, and it’s even better.

And remember yourself in the time of love, when it was just beginning. Well, unless you lost weight 10 kg, if it did not like this man, who – well, wow! – It turned out to be a teacher of salsa, and you really wanted next to him look slim beauty. How long have you planned to do with the figure, but there were the New Year, then Mom’s birthday, the deadline at work. All these “accidents” were forced to routinely seizing stress and dinner about an hour the night. And then, having met with the dancer, you unconsciously learned to not eat after 18.00, and finally moved to a separate food.

Yes, your heart suffers. But you know that over time, the pain go away, because every adult knows that the gap of any relationship – it is always a wound that is slowly but surely will heal. But the weight you left because of that man! Like it or not, a meeting with him has inspired such a feat.

If honest, you also like to communicate with his fellow dancers. Qualities that are pleasing to him, are not unique to him alone, but in general this group of people. Need were funny, emotionally open, loving, bright outfits, outrageous and kind of theatrical people, because chtohuzhe heartily tired of office. So you broke up with him, but he continued to communicate with charming people who are similar to him precisely in good. The fact that you drew. Do you still continue to feel sorry for?

Assume that everything was different. You are a young student, up to their ears in love with her teacher of German. Of course, he does not notice you, how much would you or picked up more and more new outfits for each class – it is snobbish and boring, people tend to believe only those who speak German fluently, but you far from it.

Nothing to do, you have gathered all the strength of will and steel instead of hovering in social networks cramming German on a daily basis. Classmates sympathetic pat on the shoulder, or scoff, but you are determined to draw attention to themselves the only available method. Maybe you even went to the object of his love on a special course or even ask him to diplomnitsy to see more of and be able to communicate at least in this format. By the end of high school, even the dreams you dream in German, the Goethe Institute solemnly gave you a certificate of deposit TestDaF with the highest score and was offered a job in Germany. On special course you are introduced to another research student who won your heart in earnest, and the phrase «Willst du mich heiraten?» Has already been delivered.

Well, is it worth to regret and suffer because of unrequited love, which have pushed you to all these sacrifices and waste of time? There is no dispute that you were hurt suddenly learn about marriage beloved teacher, embarrassing and difficult to be alone in the classroom with him, did you prepare for exams like to jump with a parachute, and tears in the pillow over the five years to cry the whole bath. But unless you were not rewarded for it?

Well, well, look at quite a difficult option. What are we all about light versions. That salsa dancers, the students love. In life it is not so convenient, you say? Perhaps.

Suppose you tired single mother, barely making ends meet, and which especially help no one. And here at you from the corner pops love. Right on Bulgakov. To a man whose life is nothing like your: he flies to Paris for the weekend, dine in restaurants in mood and washes his head with shampoo cost, equivalent to your weekly budget. Arthur Gray and prince from “Cinderella” in one bottle. Presented?

To complicate the task will add one more condition: you live in different cities. It is, say, in Moscow, and you are somewhere in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

He is in you, of course, fall in love, – we are here to love and not on unilateral dreams. He will call to give you and your baby gifts, fly on the weekend are not in Paris, and in Nizhny Novgorod, do not sleep at night for many correspondences and consult with relatives, if he does not marry you. Guess what his relatives say? Correctly.

You waited for stories about Cinderella? Alas. Let me remind you that our theme is – was there any sense of love, to sigh and open my eyes in the morning, if we now have nothing. In Cinderella you have not taken. And the gap was sharp:

– Would you marry me?

– Yes! – You exclaim happy, hugging her child and imagining how your life will change.

And you hear in response:

– Um … You know, I have to think what to say.

Presented? No, no, it’s a literal dialogue of life, the author is not exaggerating, the story is based on real events.

The next few months you will feel like being at the bottom of life, crying all night and did not realize what it was. You loved. You did not demand anything. You do not expect, because where a weekend in Paris, and where your privileges on payment of kindergarten for a single mother status and part-time as a seamstress at home, because the child does not get out of snot, came the frost out of season, from last year’s clothes, he grew and a new warm jacket kupit succeed until the next paycheck.

But you loved. But even so, even asked about marriage. The conditional tense, yeah.

On such roads do not come back, of course. You will suffer. But in this history joy scatters its sparkle. Are not you glad that the life and financial difficulties did not kill you in a woman? What could you night after unmade sewing undermining carefully google options hairstyles, to appear before the beloved in a new guise? Remember, you do not even want to sleep, because communication with him replaced, as far as possible, watch a night’s rest?

And you have opened a creative streak, and you write one, two, three story, and now friends are advised to print, well, at least try to go somewhere to send it. But why? Because he’s listening to your inspirational ballad about children’s holiday camp, suddenly I advised to write. You’re a good storyteller, you have the talent, you do not just talk about it, but when did you have a child and part-time, but love works wonders – with his light hand you once opened a new worksheet in a Word and typed the first line. And there already floated.

By the way! He took a walk your child and sculpted a snowman with them, and you went for the first time in several years in the theater. Her friends could not let you go – theaters in the evening, and they have their own families. And he could. He, too, would like to go with you, but your stay was more important. And instead of boring you snowmen three hours sitting in evening dress among the well-dressed people with binoculars, enjoying art, and you were even photos. This evening you will be storing a lot of years in the memory as a great holiday.

And in the end, because you have loved? Rejoice! Rejoice that you are loved, wanted and could love.

It’s so simple: love – rejoice. So, you are alive, you are able to feel, to give, to be inspired, to wait and tremble before this miracle of our hearts – love. And the reason for this miracle always serve others. Those who called him back to life. So whether it is possible to regret meeting them?

Photo by Roman Shamparova