Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe G Moretz are officially in a relationship now. But you know what? It was not easy for Brooklyn to get Chloe’s heart.

Rumor has it that his father, the English former professional footballer, David Beckham helped him to win her heart back.

According to Hollywoodlife, an insider told them, “Brooklyn is so in love with Chloe, he’s only got eyes for her. He is a little too gaga for her sometimes, that’s wht they broke up. Chloe felt like he was getting too intense. He was crushed when she told him she needed a break but his dad coached him on how to get throught it.”

“As much as Brooklyn wanted to beg her for another chance David told him to give her space.” The insider continued.

Wow!! Isn’t that awesome? Daddy and son worked together to win his love’s heart?

But we cannot deny that David is a good advisor when it comes to relationship, especially that we all know he has been married to the adorable Victoria Beckham for 17 years and have cute kids.

Go, go, Beckham!