Very interesting to read in the books about the great people who lived before us, and the great famous exploits. Sorry once that I did not live in their time, just want to imitate them. And it is very difficult to see such great side. Waiting for them loud and glorious deeds, and it is very difficult to see the most expensive and rare – a quiet, everyday, as if hidden righteousness.

About Nyura grandmother from a nursing home, I wrote a year or two ago. Then I met with her only – blind, almost recumbent grandmother immediately took my hand, on my “What is your name?” Replied quietly: “I Nura Baba.”

– A full name is what?

– Anna A., as well – Nura Baba, I have very old, 18 years old I am. September 20th birthday. I only illiterate, heavy work was, fought a war barge sinkers 30 years, the factory then was – seven in bulk, I drag. Now that’s not to see anything, and my something alive anymore, and I stayed.
When recently we were again with a concert in the boarding school, I was, of course, and not thought about it. And when, after the total of the concert we went to the department of mercy, that is the weakest unit for the elderly, in one of the wards, I saw very clear and quite an old blind grandmother – grandmother Nura! I immediately recognized her, although she strongly haggard and become much less physical.

And I went into the ward to see the work of our nurses ( Ed.. – “Old age is fun” fund pays for some nursing homes work nurses caring for grandparents), because this Chamber has been assigned to one of them.

– I namuchalas this grandmother! my strength is not! That is eating, and that in general have refused all day, and already skin and bones! In what only the soul rests! – Complains Lena, our nurse.

– Grandmother! Why are you not want to eat? We then will be your nurse scolded, if you have bad will!

– Oh, do not abuse it, do not hurt, it is gold, and on Wednesday and Friday, I will not eat, do not force. I was here a little while, there, after naemsya. Retreat.

Of course, we retreated, what else can I say. And I’m the babysitter asked not to settle, as she wants – is there, because it seems that the grandmother and not particularly something and need our earthly food and eats it is already something else, her one available.

And I can not stop thinking about it – about the fact that it is no one else keeps the evil, that in all the thanks that no one condemns – and quietly and humbly lived on earth as it is in heaven …

Source : Facebook Lisa Oleskin, director of the charity fund “Old age is a joy”