YUMI is super easy to use. Before starting, connect the USB memory that you are going to use to the computer and check the letter that Windows assigns to the unit.

Start YUMI and in the first drop-down menu select your pendrive from the list. If you want to format your memory just before installing something on it, you can check the corresponding box to the right. This will erase all content you have.
The next step is to choose the tool or operating system that you are going to install. The list is quite large. In several cases you will have the option of downloading the ISO file from YUMI, the application will offer you the possibility to go to the official site of download of the system and once downloaded you will be able to continue directly to the final step.

If you already have the ISO file in your local folders, simply use the “Browse” button to navigate the Windows explorer and select it. Then just click on “Create”, accept after the warning is shown and wait for YUMI to do its job.

At the end you will have the option to choose if you want to add more images to that same disk, or if you have finished. You can always use YUMI to add more tools to the same USB memory in the future. You can use the “View or Remove Installed Distros” option to remove or add more ISOs whenever you want.

YUMI also accepts tools that do not appear in the list of supported applications, but in those cases they are not guaranteed to work perfectly well. It is a matter of testing, for this you only have to choose any of the options that appear at the end of the drop down menu under “Unlisted bootable ISOs”.