A brothel in Paris, Germany. There was a legend, during the fall of Paris, the French prostitutes first up the revolution, refused to provide sexual services for the invaders. However, "1940-1945 erotic years," a book that the high-level brothels in Paris welcome the presence of the Germans, the city's 1/3 brothels are private;


German soldiers to watch the show. In France, two million men were put into concentration camps in 1942, but French women became active at this time, they went to bed with German soldiers stationed there and slept with any man who could help them survive the economic hardship. War, like aphrodisiac as stimulate sexual desire, even the founder of feminist movement, the famous writer Simone? Beauvoir has also said that she had a "unconscious friend" of the invaders; German "worship of the body" let She felt entranced.


Bar German officer with French woman. Accompanied by the pleasure of the French baby birth rate surge, many German and French bastard is born in this short period of four years. According to the statistics of the relevant agencies, such a German and French bastard illegitimate children about 200,000, but for a long time, their birth in both countries is an official evasive topic.


German officers and men watch the show. In the Second World War, the Germans in each occupied area have established a war brothel. Each brothel is equipped with five to twenty prostitutes. Their job is to receive the German officers and ordinary soldiers, for their vent. In accordance with military regulations, every prostitute received six hundred German soldiers per week in order to get the full amount of wages.


Many French women are devoted to their livelihood. Germany's war brothels are divided into three grades. In accordance with the provisions of first-class brothels for the officers, each prostitute to receive an average of 50 officers. The second-class brothels served the general non-commissioned officers, and each prostitute received seventy-five noncommissioned officers. The third-class brothels served ordinary soldiers, and each prostitute received 100 soldiers. In fact, if the soldiers do not want to enter the brothel prostitution, but also by the military punishment. A regular soldier has six chances to enter a brothel every month.


This is the US military courtesan. With the progress of the war, the Germans occupied more and more territory, the Nazi government has been unable to find enough "patriotic" German prostitutes to enrich the brothels. As a result, the German occupation forces began to make extensive use of the occupied areas of the local women as prostitutes in the field, so he began to force other women to take pleasure.


One of the aims of the Germans to establish war brothels was to maintain the morale of the army, and the other was to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the army. German commanders believe that in the formal field of brothels, take proper precautions to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, which than the soldiers themselves in the occupied areas messed up much better. The Germans had already paid great attention to the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, in every field hospital, there are health soldiers to manage. Just as the Germans are cautious in other areas, there are complex procedures for the operation of the brothels. Before getting permission to enter a brothel, the soldier must first undergo a compulsory medical examination.