Hi, my name is Alain and I saharogolik.

I have so much love sweet as a child stealing a few times in the shops chocolate bars. Actually, I’m a girl, an excellent student from a good family – but I could not help myself, so I wanted to bear sweet. When I was pregnant, that more than anything else was afraid that I will gestational diabetes and I banned sugar. I forced a doctor to prescribe me a direction on the analysis of the results and waited as the apocalypse. Diabetes is not found, and every day I ate a packet of caramel cookies – although everyone was just going to take from it only a couple of pieces.

When my son grew up and became interested in food, I decided to take our family meals healthier – but to give up sweets could not. It limited only by the fact that removed all the sweets on the highest shelf and took out only when the son was asleep. And everything was fine, until he gave up an afternoon nap. It turned out that no dose of sweet in the middle of the day I’m just not able to function. My hands were shaking, I could not concentrate, no reason for a child screaming and snapping at loved ones. As a result, on the third day, I do not care about all of their principles, and I and my two year son went to drink tea with marshmallow.

However, by that time I already knew about healthy eating, to know that I obviously eat too many sweets. I was really dependent – if the house suddenly turned out sweet, I just started panicking, and I could go to the store at night.

In addition, my handbook on child nutrition warned: do not let young children sweet, you build their relationship. And looking at their own relationship with the sugar, I realized: my child, I do not want this.

I began to study the question – and was horrified. It turns out that an overabundance of sugar is not only fraught with tooth decay, as I naively believed before. More and more research confirms: sugar – the cause of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Sugar can cause cancer. Sugar leads to digestive problems, premature skin aging and infertility.

Over the past hundred years, the consumption of sugar has increased significantly. If at the beginning of the last century the average person ate per year, about 1 kg of sugar, now we eat about 60 kg of sugar per year. A huge part of the sugar is delivered to us in the form of a hidden – and often we do not even suspect that it is now dipping the potatoes in ketchup or watering your steak barbecue sauce, we also eat sugar.

First, I decided to simply reduce the amount of sweets. I refused to purchase baking, try to choose dark chocolate instead of milk, did not buy sweet yoghurts and curds, do not add sugar to tea and try to eat only sweet after a meal, to somehow control this process. And with all these limitations I still ate more sugar than I wanted. I keep thinking about the sweet and just a few minutes before the time when I can eat more. I tried to maintain a 20-minute pause, I asked myself, why me this candy, I’m not hungry. I reminded myself of all the harmful effects of sugar. And still I could not resist.

Among all the literature that I have studied, I came across a book of Australian journalist Sarah Wilson, completely abandon sugar. In it she describes her feelings: apart from the fact that it was quite a serious autoimmune disease, it has become a much better feel in general – suddenly became clear head, left dizziness, nausea and weakness. All the same symptoms I have observed in myself, I found it hard to think, all the time I felt tired, and I always felt dizzy. That’s just before I always copy it to a low pressure, and I did not occur to tie it with sugar.

And I decided to try to give up sweets completely.

According to various experts, the fact, to cope with the addiction takes from 21 to 60 days. I chose one of the most demanding circuits, assumes full refusal from sweet (including honey, dried fruit, and any sweeteners) for 6 weeks and the abandonment of the fruit for 4 weeks.

In search of support, I talked about his plans to friends and family. But instead of support almost all tried to dissuade me. “What are you” – told me – “crazy? It should be sweet for the brain! “. Oh, even I wonder how humanity survived until the invention of the snickers and halva in chocolate.

Even more violent reaction caused my intention to take time off from the fruit. “In fruit vitamins! You are if you pick yourself metabolism! “- Predicted to me. Looking ahead, I will say that I handed over a blood test in the middle and at the end of their experiment – and everything was perfect.

Surprisingly, sugar detox was given to me a lot easier than I expected. I thought I would pass by the shelves with banks Nutella, gritting his teeth and grim suffering. But, strange as it may sound, in fact, I felt relieved that I can not eat these cakes, cookies and candies. I did not have to worry thoughts about whether I can eat another cake. You should not have to choose to buy a milk chocolate bar with nuts or restrict the dark without additives. The decision not to eat sugar saved me from a million doubts and anguish that I had not even realized.

The hardest thing I was given the rejection of the fruit – that to me is really not enough. But what is tasty, they seemed to me then! When gloomy November morning, I cut my first after the break, the fruit – it was pink grapefruit – to my delight there was no limit. What say all that passed through the renunciation of sugar, confirmed: the taste buds like reboot, and you start to feel much stronger sweetness of fruit. And generally start much more to enjoy the food – real food, not the results of chemists fleyvoristov.

The most difficult part of the experiment were trying to eat away from home – in restaurants and cafes. Find a dish, not containing sugar, it was no easy task – and this despite the fact that I tried to choose places, positioning itself as a healthy eating place.

I have carefully studied the menu with passion and interrogated waiters – and still ran into a few times. For example, I ordered a salad with tomatoes and quail eggs – and discovered that he had watered generously sweet sauce, which was not a word in the menu. The fashionable burgernoy where I expected to eat without problems, fared no better: white bread – with sugar sauce – with sugar, salad – and the sugar.

Sugar is often where you least expect to find it – for example, for me was the discovery that sushi rice sweetened (but I understand why they are drug-delicious). In general, the amount of hidden sugars in our food is amazing. People often refuse from the usual three spoons of sugar in your tea and think that leading a healthy lifestyle – and at the same time every day eat 20-25 spoons of sugar without even realizing it. During his experiment, I learned that in ketchup contains more sugar than chocolate sauce; that one zefirinka already contains the recommended daily rate of sugar; that dried fruit is also full of sugar; that the variety of agave syrup and candy with fructose, which is promoted as a useful alternative to sugar, in fact, it is even worse.

The changes in his condition, I felt already in the second week of the experiment, and every week I was getting better. I became much more cheerful. Mood swings and irritability from which I had suffered so much, have come to naught. I became much clearer and quicker thinking – bouts of sluggishness and lethargy, which are often attacked me earlier passed. Improved digestion – is now unknown to me such a thing as bloating. But the most surprising was the fact that I went eczema, which I had previously suffered for over 20 years and for the treatment of which was launched a fortune.

I completed the experiment on the eve of the New Year with the firm intention not to eat sugar, and more – very much I liked my new state of vitality and clarity. But in light of the upcoming holidays worried whether I will be able to cope with temptation? Does the roof will carry me at the sight of sweets as scared me a lot before the start of my experiment?

And so I was at the banquet table in the company of chocolate cake handmade grandmother’s homemade cake, two boxes of chocolates with different fillings and sweet. Before, I would try it. And the cake, and the cake, and all the candy. And then I ate half a piece of pie with her husband and a small piece of cake. And I realized that they no longer want! I! More! I do not want! It was a feeling on the verge of fantasy.

It took six months. I still almost do not eat sweets – in addition to fresh fruit – and feel great. I can eat a slice of cake or ice cream at the festival in the park – if I want to. But most of all, I do not want to. I do not have to give up sweets, gritting his teeth and clenched into a fist. It is given to me easily – firstly, because all these sweets do not seem to me a delicious (they are sugary to nausea), and secondly, I now know how I would feel after. And that’s why I choose a life without sugar.