In China, people in the virtual world to build a different kind of lifestyle and ecosphere, a cell phone, some APP can almost meet all your needs. To this end, the reporter personally experience a lot of renting a bike with APP, called take-away, online shopping and other services.
Cycling with the cool with the cool!

This public bicycle easy to use, the user does not need to a specific location car rental car, but also with the loan with the wayward!
You only need a mobile phone, an APP and 299 yuan deposit can rent these fashionable bike.
Open the phone APP, search for the latest available vehicles, built-in GPS positioning system will be displayed in the APP available vehicles. You only need to click the button to reserve the bike, and in 15 minutes to the bike parking location, scan bike on the two-dimensional code, bicycle automatically unlocked after use, when you use, you can park the car in the street Any public area.

Public cycling is a modern eco-friendly concept of sharing the product of the economy, but also represents a low-carbon sharing, environmentally friendly fashion attitude to life, fashion icon. Sharing bicycles to solve the big city “last mile” a good medicine, at the same time to alleviate the urban congestion and air pollution also played a certain role.

For those who run around in the big cities, the sharing of bicycles is to save a crowded subway journey of comfort, the morning to sleep a few minutes more peace of mind, but also to provide you with anytime, anywhere away capricious.
Book on call with the cool
Catering O2O to meet the people can stay at home quickly and quickly to enjoy the door-to-door service. People in the take-away APP on the choice of businesses and their own food to eat, just pay an additional 0-9 per delivery will be able to wait for food at home door to friends at ease.
This is for the busy office workers, save more time, but also provides more selective. Take-away orders on the user reviews also formed an evaluation system, so that follow-up users benefit.
Changes in online shopping has also brought the impact of people’s lives, almost all of daily necessities can be purchased online, and express to the hands of people.

You can buy all the daily necessities, shampoo, toilet paper and other things online virtual supermarket, and in the morning orders of goods, often in the afternoon can be sent to your hands.
Scheduled service anytime, anywhere cool!
Through the professional APP scheduled cleaning service, minutes to help you clean the door.