History Alevtina Markina – mom, who took 3rd place in the contest of stories “What I teach my child” for matrons.

Here they are, the two white heads, peacefully sopyat after the next day, rushed past, but left something very important behind. Six years and almost three years. Kids grow up so fast, that sometimes you want to catch a moment and stop. Only time continues to flow forward peacefully. And for like a small piece of a life children have taught me a lot.

We learn to listen to the silence. At night, when I listened to just lumps brought from the hospital: breathing or not? At the moment when the most high-pitched baby crying suddenly calms down, and eyes are watching spinning wheels of cars or a bird outside the window. In the evening, when the house asleep, finally, you can read a book, lazy and tired of waiting on the shelf.

We learn to wait. And do not wait for a time. Waiting for the New Year and Christmas listening to the morning clatter of children’s feet – kids rush to tear off the next calendar sheet. They laugh when you are in the pocket of another gift from a snowman. Wait for the first tooth and first call after an interesting, but such a long (three years!) Sign language. Wait with the eldest son of the little sister, which is still in the tummy, he called the “enticing”.

And then suddenly not wait … that children will love the book, as I do, or understand the intricacies of electronics, Dad. What is lost by the vagaries of successful application of other methods. That cushion will no longer be wet due to tears rolled from fatigue. What children’s desire to stomp on the deepest puddles once transformed into a desire to go on a wet road, as exemplary adults.

And then, having written the last sentence, I caught myself thinking: that the son and daughter taught me again to stomp through puddles, to race on a bike, catching a headwind and singing a song from the cartoon “The Bremen Town Musicians”. And bite crisp bread, forgetting knives and serving conventions.

Children helped to love her husband more. However, in moments of fatigue there is a desire to return free, carefree youth, but love is stronger … They revealed to him the meaning of fatherhood and made Dad’s concern for the family is still significant. In the daily bustle, among a succession of events, each moment spent together with her husband, became particularly valuable.

With the birth of the children opened up a whole world of books. Books of parents and teachers, people who loved and love their children, and this joy and generously share the experience with anyone who opens the first page. Here reflection you see and feel that same unconditional love, to which all aspire heart, but the goal is not so easy to achieve.

Taught handicrafts pirate flags and hats, multicolored shower to wash the paint, frightened frog, which is produced from palm, and one species to determine the model of the machine. In all my years of study I have not received so much practical skills!

With the birth of children a very different feel and know your own mother. You know how much she gave you love and understanding, and – at the same time – how much misunderstanding and sometimes unnecessary conventions. But at heart kept getting stronger and gratitude for every moment when she holds on hands of a grandson or granddaughter, and they are laughing together having fun.

Children taught to boil like a volcano, and quickly convert anger into a smile touching her: “Mom, my favorite!”. More to look inward and think about sad times that of disheveled in the heat of battle a pillow and my grandchildren, too, can scream … And so this is not desirable.

We learn to stop frenzied times the speed of life, watching the hens or watching entranced gaze, like a leaf filled with blue strokes children’s handprints. And do not jump to conclusions, even after seeing the broken cup with milk in the middle of the room (in fact the whole flock of crows flying through the window, it was urgent to consider when the cup is still bore).

With the birth of children suddenly realize that the temperature under forty from another man can be your point. What falls and knocks out a tooth son and fires in your heart. That when the daughter, who is only five days, suddenly starts to choke, you’re turning into a lost child and at the same time try to do anything to help her.

Teach, perhaps, the most difficult. Pain grinds on grain of getting rid of feelings of emptiness. Making a new step, when it seems like only yesterday you stopped. Feel complete impotence when you can not stop the kids cry and tears, and at this time to meet face to face infinity.

Children taught to pray. The usual, it was said so often, but in my heart began to penetrate only with the advent of a son and a daughter. In the most difficult moments, when the pain, anxiety and feelings overflowing heart, you pray, “Thy will be done.” And the Lord gives you inner peace and strength to move on.

As reflected in the kaleidoscope of the last six years, filled the main – sincere love of children. And, perhaps most importantly, they teach me a daughter and son each day – it is to be a mom.