As people find themselves at the point of bifurcation, which raises the question not only about a new job, and a radical change in the field of employment? Everyone has his reasons. For some, it is an attempt to realize the long-cherished dream, for others – the desire to make a hobby business, someone has lost interest in the work due to burnout or after the decree has no desire to return to the industry unpromising. And someone was fired during the next economic crisis.

In my case, this journey started long before the immediate change of profession – with the family council decided that I be an economist. Progress has been good in all subjects, express tendencies were observed. How to convert a well-paid profession general curiosity, interest in human nature and culture at that time was unclear. Yes, and from fourteen person is not always possible to expect an informed choice of activity for years to come. (About proforientirovanii not heard then, and in the educational and manufacturing plant were taught typing and cook at the school girls).

Many years later, already making an informed choice, and to go to college on the new profile, I was in a “gray zone”. Let the term period in which the old mechanisms and ways of organizing life have failed or are not satisfied, and the new has yet to work enough. Hereafter, I will speak only about the psychological aspects of the transition.

Thus, during the transition period a lot of unknown, and they are constantly changing. Even those which seem to know in advance, the reality looks different. And in our society we decided to share only the successes, and the “way to the top” is usually illuminated by a series of heroic achievements, clearly leading to the same. But we have nothing, or almost know nothing about those who have tried and failed, or could, but got the result that he can not be called “successful”. And we do not know and can not take into account the set of circumstances that led to encouraging or disappointing results.

This phenomenon is described by N. Taleb in a chapter of his bestseller “The Black Swan”, describing it as a problem of “hidden evidence.” Contrasting his vision of success stories from which made quite unequivocal conclusions about how to act, and which need personal qualities, to “become a millionaire,” he writes: “In the cemetery losers full of people daring willing to risk, optimistic, ie having the same qualities as our sample millionaires. Perhaps the level of skill they have different, but actually separates these two camps, one – good luck. ”

By the way, I, too, can be attributed to the “lucky”: the transition to the new profession was held, the vector of development corresponds approximately to the previously planned, and the work itself is fun and inspiring move in this direction in the future. Nevertheless, the “gray area” is now always close (in fact it is always there, but it is usually pushed to the periphery of consciousness, and it is difficult to see until there is something out of the ordinary). This text – my attempt to understand the “gray zone”. Detailed map of the area, probably, I do not suggest, but perhaps by making it easier to navigate to someone.

Part 1. At the input to an unknown

Though, perhaps, it would be more correct to write “at the exit of the well-known”. Here you wait a few pitfalls that I would compare to the voracious Cerberus. They feed on the vitality and tend to hold on to the prey to exhaustion of the latter.

Traps №1. “The stranger among us” or loyalty conflict.

It can start long before it will be written your resignation, even at that stage, when you are thinking about changing the scope of activity. As part of a specific professional community, in the eyes of the community itself and in your ideas about it, you are the bearer of his values and attitudes and the owner of the inherent attributes to him. When you’re ready to give up everything that is associated with your work, – from the professional slang and dress code to corporate meetings and get-togethers with colleagues – your trustworthiness as a member of the group will fly to hell.

Another group loyalty at risk – your loved ones. Remember, at the beginning of this article, I wrote that the decision on the choice of profession was made at the family council? Recognize that this solution is no longer relevant, – a difficult task. Your relatives, friends and acquaintances also have to deal with someone and something new. Besides the obvious changes in the form of your new schedule and the financial situation, your environment will face with your new interests and reactions. Here, the right of an adult to self-determination threatens to disrupt the homeostasis of the family system.

But even if in reality you will be native support in every possible way, this conflict can easily turn around in your head. And somewhere in the distance loom new perspectives. And now to you the classic dilemma: on one side draws a chorus of voices from the established reality to another – dreams and plans. These throwing from side to side weakens, and you run the risk of become like the proverbial donkey Buridan.

Traps №2. “All that is acquired by overwork”

Daring to change profession, not only do you get something new, but also to part with something familiar. What did you leave?

Material . All that accompanied the workflow: from clothes preparation for work and time in traffic jams to your favorite mug on the desktop. It may seem that it’s nothing, things that have long been distasteful, and disposal will be only joy. But the circle was a favorite, as it was in the office – at home it may well lose its almost magical aura. In a traffic jam, you may listen to your favorite music or strolling after work to the subway, with a special pleasure to breathe the evening air. On the whole, your body is used to and to the pace of life, and to established regime and the change will be an added stress.

Psychologically . Here, the “hook” to cling to the various aspects of the personality, even more. Tired of manipulation chief and squabbles with colleagues from eternal hassle because of the negligence of employees and deadlines? It seems really on this side of life, you definitely will not be bored. But the transfer of cases, the bypass list and the official farewell can not overnight to complete the relationship. Often, there is resentment or unclarified issue, feeling of wrongness or smoldering conflict, and they are for a long time to pull out your forces.

And if you dig, there is also a considerable amount of resources, which are associated with the same job. Pride after a successful performance at the meeting, feeling the heat from his colleagues support the general rise of the forces in the performance of an interesting project. If you leave the office with the promise of “never again, it’s all in the dustbin of history”, the resources themselves are not going anywhere, but access to them will be pretty difficult.

Socially . No matter how beautiful no matter your relationship with colleagues and professional community, you will sooner or later cease to call for coffee, unless you are united with a specific person with some other interests. These social networks, which could turn out over the years, perhaps, will not disappear completely, but will inevitably weaken and are transformed. Also change your social status: The former head of “X”, and is now beginning to “the Y”? The range of reactions can be broad: from support to open rejection.

When we run forward towards his goal in anticipation of a new and better life, often we ignore the listed losses. A force somehow melting fast, the mood is increasingly spoiled, bad sleep at night, and irritate the other little things. It can be a reminder of the unrecognized loss. They should pay attention to time and give yourself permission to otgorevat them.

Part 2: Inside the “gray zone”.

Its inhabitants generally familiar to everyone, but if the light of day, they often go out one by one and by one, here you are in their territory. A total uncertainty only adds to demonize and images, like a mist in the cartoon about the hedgehog. So, who can also meet you on the way?

Fears. The most common fears of the series “does not work” and “do not go there – it’s dangerous.” Why not come out, and what dangers do not like to explain. If you persist, invite colleagues on the shop floor, specializing in the invention of terrible scenarios up to the apocalypse. This is similar to the way too much care of parents try to protect a small child, knowing the world, from all possible ills and misfortunes.

Errors. What do you want: learn to play a new musical instrument, and never get out of tune? The fact that before you skated perfectly to the music, does not help here. Errors appear in the most unwanted time and in amounts from which you have been weaned. They love to jump, chew off a piece of self-esteem and escape, leaving you bewildered. If you are trying to eradicate them, can make a chase to infinity, and then the process of re-training and “training on the kitty” will never end.

New opening. There are constantly – and it is almost all that is known about them. They love to make chaos in your plans. The more you are attached to the latter, the more bitter will be the consequences, as for the sake of the plan will have something to do with reality. However, if the new opening to respond flexibly, and they can contribute to the implementation of your plans.

Demotivators. Most insidiously disguised as necessary and useful, discreetly podvorovyvaya time. If previously you thought you prevail nothing, but now will have time to even less. Even if you have arranged a decent interval between last job and the current case, in which all have time to visit friends and relatives, to renovate the kitchen and solve many other problems, to do list, non-objective, will grow by leaps and bounds.

Criticism and advice. Hogweed grows with persistence and happens to be painful sting. It is one thing to advise held on the professional – here at others still may have doubts about the feasibility of issuing instructions, but to advise a novice – easily! Here, you’ll find that almost all understand better than you in your new profession. And criticize only “constructive” and “only for your benefit.” Yes, barricade themselves from the internal criticism will be much more difficult.

Doubts. Annoying satellites and skilful manipulators in cahoots with all the above characters. Instead of describing the best quote: “Well, where are you in your 30+, 40+, 50+ going?”, “Busy all the seats, and got there no one expects”, “what kind of competition there is out, and full of young and zealous” “and if you can not, this is how much time will be spent in vain”, “there are actually all the same, only in profile.”

In general, as long as you move towards the goal, you can be considered a hero of the modern epic about changing professions. As expected the main character of the person, you will meet a lot of enemies and obstacles, but without assistants are unlikely to stay.

Part 3: What to take with you on a trip?

This is the final part of the article. Yes, no epilogues of the output to a new level, or in a parallel universe is not. Firstly, each output a secondly, to arrange a man-made crisis, and it was he who can acquire new meanings, and your transformation in the way will be more important than output. What you can rely on?

Identity. How often, getting to know someone, the second paragraph after the name we call occupation, position. Talking about yourself that you are an ex-so, and are planning to become something a little strange. This building has a past, a future, but there is no present. It would be good to conduct an audit of all that, what can you say – “I” without reference to the professional activity. In fact, this exercise will not prevent prodelyvat and outside the context of change, it is the foundation on which is built integral and adaptive personality.

Support. In all the tales and myths of the hero on his journey are supporting the most surprising characters: what sort of creature to speak with a human voice, the right obihozhennaya Baba Yaga will point the way. And this applies to both internal processes and external. In addition to self-help, needs, and those who will carry out this function in real life. Do not just close circle, sometimes support is available from the most unexpected people. Your energy changes will charge the others, and many will share generously in return.

Mentor. Without hoaxes on “when the student is ready …”. Select one or more people, on practitioners on whose experience and mode of action are you ready to navigate at first. Based on known patterns and stringing them how to frame new knowledge and skills, it is easier to build a new professional image. No less valuable and direct mentoring professionals, if you can get it.

Select. This is a very simple idea, but for some reason it often eludes us. It’s you and no one else decided to change his profession, and you have the right to reconsider its decision. In the process of re-education can understand that a new direction is best left in the hobby. But at the same time to take the knowledge and experience gained with the new look and forces to continue to engage in the same activity. Starting a new, possible in the process to identify what resources, including domestic, have still not enough. Find out where and what you have “blind spots” and they do – it is also a choice. Sometimes a synergistic effect on the alloy seemingly unrelated areas can provide an unexpected and wonderful results.

The path does not fit into the framework of the “success – failure”, “could – could not”, it can only be a single pylon with these words. And the right to place a mark is only for you. If you change your professional life to someone or being influenced by comparisons and assessments from the outside, with a high probability you will quickly be disappointed. Again, I repeat: the circumstances do not cancel your right to change your choice.

And you have the right not to make a choice in favor of a new profession, even if you want to. Because finances, children, and who knows what else. In that decision a lot of nuances and fine lines separating the excuses from the real limitations “want” from the “must”, the fashion for “life stream” from their own deep-seated needs. Nevertheless, this choice has the same right to exist, just like everyone else.

Instead of an epilogue. Change profession and / or care freelancing – a difficult journey that takes place in the outer and inner worlds. And pay attention to the last – at least, if not more important task. This man-made crisis could raise a powerful wave in which the crest may be previously unsolved problems, neuroses and old, and it is possible trauma. On the other hand, is the ability to understand themselves and to rethink many things, to remove unnecessary and disabled, to master their own resources and gain new experience.