Every year on this day, social networks are filled with petitions for forgiveness. Quotes, beautiful pictures, treatment in every way. And I’m a bit strange why people “apologize” publicly and impersonal. For check? Or, on the latitude of soul?

I am a bad Christian, negligent neophyte and become enchurched stupidly. Two steps forward – one step back. By the calendar I can not ask for forgiveness. If you feel guilty, just ask. Or through the years, but no Forgiveness Sunday.

One tried to do this ritual. That is as it should be. Day in day. I called one cousin and I say, I’m sorry, they say, this and that. And he told me such an important voice, “God will forgive you.” “And you forgive something?” – “But I do …”

It seems to me that all this is some kind of a lie. From all sides. And insincerity. Although, of course, to establish civilized relations polite, why not.

And then there is this understanding. Our business is to ask for forgiveness, and who have a treat, not our problem. Really. Especially, if to be honest, please, hypocrisy, and beautiful. And we are relieved of the soul. And hope for the best. And whether a person can forgive or how to react at all, it is his concern. We have taken the first step to the work world. Great!

But then again. And here is the date?

Most likely, it’s like a kick from God. Hey, buddy, do not forget to ask for forgiveness? And I tried not to forgive? Start cleaned, son. Lent begins. I can believe that a lot of people so it is more understandable and more accessible. It can be a long time to assemble, but on the day designated to go, and make a major. Good!

I know such and Orthodox, who on this day sitting and waiting, who will call them and ask for forgiveness. Nicks pose. And if anyone call themselves, the exchange of courtesies order. Those with whom there is no tension and no. Not that the issue of forgiveness.

Still, what it is – a universal exchange for forgiveness? A game? Tribute to tradition? Or another means to pull the blanket over himself? The ceremonial – it’s too bad.

And it is better to learn to ask for forgiveness and to forgive than to hide from ourselves and from the people. Behind this, and we will happily Forgiveness Sunday.