Love does not feed itself …

It does not exist to say about it in terms of numbers and times. I know the subjunctive and the future. More precisely, all times. But only use one. The present time. NOW. LOVE.

They, too, I know. Women. Quiet fighters. Could turn life into numbers and times. You could begin to count and look for something that rightfully belongs to them.

Confidence, Love, a warm home, the money? What they needed most – single mothers?

On one of them I have known for a long time. More precisely, we are familiar with each other. We go to each other in our worlds. She’s mine – when she has time, I’m in it – when I need a lesson. Lesson struggle. With myself. With life. We support each other. We talk – not always with a cup of coffee (she usually do not have time), use facebook. She says she loves to read, but does not have time. And I tell her that I love children. But I have them yet. We dream, it would be great to sit together. It would be a bit of a rest, and I would read it to Princess. She’s 4 years old. We realized that soon, at some future time, we can rejoice in the fact that we have right now. She would read books, while children will be me.

It opened my line of his life. But one was enough – that line of love, which goes through the whole palm.

SK (34 years)

I am a single mother. Divorcee. So I see it. I have one love. Ex. Forgotten. And one kid of that love. Daughter. I rent a flat and to pay two loans. For an apartment, which is now his, and once was ours – the total credit. And my credit. Youthful error. I also have a job – so I pay bills. Not that the work is very reliable, but that in our world at all reliable?

Tell me, do you have love? – I ask her.

There would be, if …

I loved if ..

I would like to…

Speak in the present tense, I beg you.

Now? No. It’s hard to find a man, who, together with you to take your child. Not always you can be what you want. And you can not, just so happens to be always “access zone”. Free, tightened. Here and for him. Men like ordinary women. You probably know it. Single mothers can not be easy, even if they wanted. Because they need to be a father and a mother. And best friend. You know everything. So I’m not looking for love. Not in order to make life easier for yourself, and it turns out – in order not to complicate them.

Have you ever tried? – I continue.

I Tried. When you get acquainted, somehow abnormal (for me, anyway) immediately, in the first minute dating say: Come hang on, keep in mind, I have a child. Let’s continue the conversation, or? .. Let them usually take their course, and let him go as is, and then you realize that it is not open all the cards, more precisely, map, one, and the most important. And it gnaws you inside.

And then?

Then talk. Yes. Some disappear. Basically disappear. Well, for that respect. That’s better, at least, honestly. Some are, but eventually realize that for them it is “too much”.

And you still believe in true love?

Honey, just into it and believe it. And my little princess.

Single mothers. Quiet fighters. It is said that the most powerful women carry on their shoulders the cross is greater than themselves. And I think that if those women who are not his cross on his shoulders, and in the womb, under her heart? What is their strength? If you ask me, I will answer: awesome. Such a force – and a curse, and holy.

For love there is no other time but the present. I love . And there is no noise, sleep, or read between the lines. I have enough, and the fact that I met with a woman who loves in the present tense. And I could speak in the past tense: would love if he was … if I could stay …

I’ve had enough of it. And the other women who were after her. And they were. And still is.

Quiet fighters.

I once wrote about the passionate women. She said that these women are like bridges. And if you have a bridge, come on you. It is unlikely that they will be able to cool your hot emotions, even if they wanted. They love to discover new roads, like evidence of the transition from ordinary life in extraordinary. They love to love. And they do best.

She always smiles. Her smile did not like the smile of beautiful women from the TV. Toothy and cause. She barely perceptible smile, but real. And her daughter is the same.

I am a single mother. But I love my life and everything it would not change.

Of course, I believed her. Such a woman would never lie about the most holy.

Some of us are already mothers. And some of them will only.

Some – single and have to do everything themselves, others – in safe homes, surrounded by support and assistance.

No matter how shaken our lives – we do not cease to believe in it – Ms. Love. In the end, how much we love love, so will love her and our child.

In the love that I know, “blame” my mother. She always told me that only a weak woman looking for workarounds – strong going into battle. And we can even fight without weapons. And I’ll teach it to your child.

Those of us who believe in love, will not retreat.

Dweeb, daffodils and talkers – on such will not waste your valuable time, no single mother.

You call them “single mothers”. I call them “quiet fighters.”

Why? When they love, then love!