These teams enjoy a high demand for the advantages it offers the possibility of moving them and take them almost anywhere, but when choosing correctly there are many things that must be considered and may end up being very complicated.

For this reason, and because we are sure that more than one of our readers will be thinking about giving themselves or giving a laptop we wanted to make this article special, where we will give you as always a series of tips that will help you choose and leave you at the end several Recommendations that we find good buy for their value for money. Buying guide: laptops 1

Before entering to see technical questions or to evaluate components we must be clear that there are many types of laptop, and that we can usually differentiate them in the following groups:

  • Standard laptop: models ranging from 13 to 15 inches. They weigh approximately 2 to 3 kilograms and have balanced specifications that allow them to offer reasonable performance and maintain an affordable price.
  • Ultraportable: these equipments have a very light weight (between 1 and 1.8 kilograms), they are very thin and they have very varied formats that usually go around between the 12 and the 15 inches. They stand out for their high autonomy thanks to the low-consumption components they use, but they have a higher cost compared to standard models and lower overall performance in most cases.
  • Types of Laptops | A Necessary Reflection | Small sized notebooks: In this group, those with a size less than 12 inches. They are usually low cost models that offer a fair but sufficient performance to work, although they can be uncomfortable if we plan to keep working long hours.



Two doubts in one. The first is not difficult to solve. Buying a laptop with an SSD will increase the price, but offers improvements that given the peculiarities of these computers will benefit even those who just want them to work.

An SSD is a very good idea in a laptop, although for those who want to play and use it in demanding tasks the alternative of a hybrid HDD may be interesting, as these will need more storage space and that is precisely The weak point of SSDs.

Usually the standard and the most economical gaming computers come with mechanical hard drives, while the ultraportable ones usually come with SSD drives to reduce weight, consumption and temperatures, as well as boot times and overall equipment performance.

In laptops to play with medium and high prices, it is normal to find an SSD for operating system and some games accompanied by a large HDD as a secondary unit.

With respect to the optical unit depends on the personal needs of each one, so here you are the ones that you must evaluate if you will really need it or not, but keep in mind that it removes internal space and adds weight. 5-Hard disk or SSD? Should I choose it with optical drive? 4

Economic choice: Lenovo Essential B50-50 i3-5005U, Core i3 5005U equipped with 4 GB of RAM, 500 GB HDD, 15.6 “display with 768p resolution and a weight of 2.3 kilograms. From 10500 pesos.

Recommended option value: Acer TravelMate P259M i5-6200U, it comes with a Core i5 6200U, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, 15.6 “display with 768p resolution and has a weight of 2.4 kilograms. A great team for only 485 euros. From 14,000 pesos.Some specific recommendations

As anticipated we are going to leave a series of recommendations with some models that personally I find a successful purchase, always from the point of view of value.

In the same way we have done in previous guides we leave two options per range that can also serve as an orientation, although in small notebooks we will limit ourselves to a recommendation as there is not a great variety and the prices do not differ much between Some models and others.

Standard Laptops:


Economic choice: Acer Aspire S5-371-3605, a good option that comes with Core i3 6100U, 4GB of RAM, 128GB SSD and screen of 13.3 “1080p resolution. It has a weight of 1.4 kilograms and costs 20,000 pesos approx

Recommended option value: HP Envy 13-D002NS, careful design and good performance without sacrificing mobility thanks to its Core i5 6200U, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and 13.3 “screen with 1080p resolution. Weighs 1.2 kilograms and costs 28000 pesos approx

| ultraportables Teams: 6

Best choice for money: Acer Aspire One Cloudbook, a model with tight but very economical benefits. It features a Celeron N3050, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of eMMC SSD storage and 11.6 “display with 768p resolution. It weighs 1.1 kilograms and costs 8000 weights approx.

| Portable small size:


| Laptops to Play: 8Economic choice: Asus R510VX-DM005D i7-6700HQ, it is a wonder that only needs a RAM expansion to 8 GB to be perfect, which can make for little money. Standard comes with a Core i7 6700HQ, 4GB DDR4, 1TB HDD, GTX 950M with 2GB GDDR5 and 15.6 “1080p display. It has a weight of 2.45 kg and costs 29000 weights approx