Baby girl eating Ice Cream in the City Streets
Baby girl eating Ice Cream in the City Streets
Baby girl eating Ice Cream in the City Streets

Life in every country has its own pros and cons, it’s a fact. But only after becoming a mother, I began to evaluate different aspects of life abroad is much more closely and critically. For example, the principles of education of children in Italy are very different from what I remember from my own childhood Soviet. For better or for worse – to judge the readers!

Widespread love for children
To begin with, that the love of Italians, young and old child, bambini , truly limitless. Maybe someone will say that this nepedagogichno, but kids – and moms! – very nice! Children are idolized, load with presents gifts showered with compliments and praise. Children in Italy are allowed almost everything – and even a bit more! Perhaps this is one reason why, in the unanimous opinion of the owners of European hotels, the Italian children – the most unbridled in comparison with their peers from other European countries.

In addition, obscheitalyanskoy love for children, there are advantageous, from a practical point of view, the party – and the carriage tram lift assist, and the ball will give raskapriznichavshemusya chubby little boy, and take jokes, rhymes bored child, until my mother in a hurry to pay for purchases in the supermarket and shove eatables on a shopping bag. So it detolyubie Italians sometimes have handy.

True, he has a downside. It occurs when, for example, complete strangers Signora, desperate to get their own grandchildren, shoved his head into the carriage with her newborn baby to cuddle someone else – besides sleeping! – Child. Or when squander unwanted advice. Or when the appeal directly to children with remarks ( “Why are you so angry?”), Criticism ( ‘but my IT grandchildren do not eat! “) Or similes (” and here I am in your age already know how to ride a bicycle! ” ).

The proper attitude towards food and healthy food
Certainly, many have heard of the vaunted Mediterranean diet, providing for the use of olive oil, fish, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. In fact, the Mediterranean diet – this is no not a diet, but a real lifestyle, healthy living, which, according to the available statistics, an order reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease. Bread with olive oil instead of buns with cream, stew with vegetables instead of semi-finished slice of Parmesan cheese in the afternoon, “for bones,” says my Italian mother in law (the Italians are confident that Parmesan is useful in any form and at any age) – a traditional Italian kitchen boasts an abundance of light and quick in cooking. This Italian secret dolce vita , the sweet life – in everyday Italian menu srednestaticheskogo since childhood!

How do they do it? In choosing the products Italians are guided by the principles of seasonality and geographic availability: here eat only what grows in this region and in this time of year, because it is the best guarantee of freshness and good taste products, which fall on the table. Children eat the same as adults (within reason, of course). And the children – perch Us é the no ? why not? – The long-awaited guests in almost any Italian restaurant. For them, there is always a high chair, a chef to cook up for the baby without problems something simple enough, but surprisingly tasty! The Italians know from an early age, with some sauces better to combine different types of pasta, how to cook risotto and cook the pasta al dente , and eventually master a couple of tested recipes elementary dishes like spaghetti with tomato sauce and basil and Carbonara.

True, it is necessary to stipulate that in the case of the Italian Ministry of Health food recent years has sounded the alarm: among Italian teenagers more and more children are overweight and obese. The reason for that – imposed fast food food culture with an abundance of semi-finished products and carbonated drinks. No doubt, much easier to foist the child a cookie and put in front of the TV, but to seduce a carrot and a bike ride in the park in the digital age is becoming more difficult … It does not matter where you are: in Russia or in Italy.
Education in the faith
Faith in God in Italy is difficult to separate from everyday life: it accompanies every Italian from birth to death. Let not every Italian home in the headboard of the bed hangs a rosary, but almost everywhere you are sure to find a crucifix over the door of the room. Let Italian family, and God does not send my gratitude for his grace before every meal, but every Christmas, many sincerely donate to charity, or by filling in a tax return, allocate in favor of the Catholic Church, 0.8% income tax.

Little Italians with great fanfare baptized in infancy, then two years lead to the church for catechism lessons, then to a big way to celebrate the first communion – a holiday on the splendor and abundance of gifts sometimes outpacing any of the children’s birthdays. I do not particularly faithful Italians get married in the church, go to the festive Mass on Christmas and Easter, and send their children to Catholic gardens, even if not at the call of the soul, because “so accepted.” This is precisely the fly in the ointment, which exists in every barrel: because so it is accepted – otherwise the public will judge …

While on the other hand, it would be wrong to think that in Italy believe only “for fun.” I am familiar with many families, where they go to church at the call of the heart, for the sake of meeting with God, and with interest involved in parish life, not just for show, they say, we – the approximate parishioners, “black belt” in the Catholic Mass. Yet I sometimes gets the impression that the majority of Catholics – believers “out of inertia”, because they were brought up in the Catholic tradition, not because God really lives in their heart.

Love and respect towards parents
My “acquaintance” with Italy lasts no less than 17 years, and I never heard that Italians are rude to their parents. I do not take into account the pathological cases, when the sons kill their own parents for profit that periodically show on TV – I say a sincere and filial daughter love and respect for the mother and father. For the Italian children’s father – really the best friend and companion in games, and his mother – an example to follow in daughters and sons in a sample of women. A love and respect has grown children manifests itself in small but important gestures of everyday care for the health and mood of the parents, the amount of time and attention paid to them. Festive feast on Christmas Day, Sunday family dinners – all this unites the family. And the family – is the center of Italian life. That is why they are extremely rare and reluctant to give elderly parents in a nursing home: his life mamma an e a pap an à live in native walls, otherwise the children burn with shame!

But this attachment to parents is, I think, and the opposite direction, causing the painful dependence on them as emotional and material. Local men live a long time with my parents under the same roof, and later get married, even married, not in a hurry to live an independent life. Mom always aware of everything that happens in the house of her son, she is always there and ready with advice and “constructive criticism.” Mom can call the adult son in the middle of the day and ask what he ate for lunch. It is no secret that Italian mothers is extremely jealous of his sons and a predilection consider every potential candidate for the bride. Although the Italian mothers and daughters are no less loved by his parent – it is only an Italian mother-in-law could seriously (and with some kind of claim) the newly formed state-law that he was not the daughter taken away from the mother, and “ripped off the best rose in the garden of her heart!”.

Oh yes, I almost forgot: la mamma prepares delicious lasagna in the world. And an Italian mother – the best fashion expert for their children. It closely inspect the appearance of the offspring to foot ready, even if as an adult the child will meet only a drop in the mail, and will for a long time to worry about his disgraceful failure as a mother, if it turns out that it scion can not correct – read as it taught – combine colors and styles. And of course, la mamma always right – this is an unofficial motto of almost all Italian men.

Education for all-out love
Italian parents certainly love their children as well as parents in Russia, Argentina or China. Just show your love they are much more active: no matter how many years you may be, your Italian mama will always look to you not only as amore mio , my love, or il mio bambino ( la mia bambina ), and publicly passionately kiss and hug as if you have not seen it is not a dinner, and at least five years. Is it nice to feel 35 years is parental adoration, as well as 5?

Needless to say, that every Italian mother firmly believes in the absolute superiority of his children over the other: her children are the most intelligent, agile, skillful, clever, and the list goes on. “No, my son is not an idler and a loafer, you just learn it wrong!” – Is quite real terms it is a real Italian mom absolutely serious claims expressed as school teachers her son-razgildyaya. Among my Italian relatives have dedicated mother, who several times (exactly on the number of children) have passed the school curriculum and university course, virtually separated from their offspring their diplomas lawyer, engineer and economist.

Unfortunately, sometimes the Italian mothers giving child’s life, it immediately and withdrawn, not allowing him to learn from his mistakes and fill his bumps, acquiring the necessary experience. I’m also a mom and I know from experience that it is much easier to tell your child “no!” And does not allow the transfer to the two-wheeled bicycle, is not written in the pool diving or let the night to her friend than in a trembling voice to say “yes!” And give kid growing fraction of independence, giving him the opportunity to explore the world around us.

Pacifiers, diapers and strollers up to preschool age, lack of daily routine and, together with my mother a dream that is so common in Italy, it all “together for life” from early childhood, and almost to the middle age – it is nothing like fencing off from reality to the detriment of the discipline and independence, it is my mother’s selfish desire to keep the precious child under control, to keep it only for yourself.

I am constantly comparing the Italian and Russian manners education of children and do not find, to his delight, clear winner. In Russia, on the one hand, children are raised and fully develop, on the other – too drill. In Italy, by contrast, allow idle, utterly zalyublivayut, pampered and “graze”.

A couple of years ago, quite unexpectedly, I heard a Catholic kindergarten her daughter term dolce fermezza, which is conventionally – in relation to pedagogy – can be translated as soft, but strong leadership, and literally as “sweet firmness” (who are interested, look on the Internet information about education principles by Battista de Giovanni The the San the La Salle ). That’s it so I would like to raise their children – love and rigor, freedom and respect, abundant and austerity. And especially after I told my daughter that she wanted “to be like you, Mama” – by example. After all the parent’s educational work is reduced, first of all, to the constant work on oneself!