Maggie Dent, a supporter of a quiet and peaceful parenting, author of “Save the Children from the chaotic world.”

Let’s start with a reminder that emotions are contagious: we depend on the emotional state of other people, especially when dealing with strong emotions. So if we as parents and caregivers will be able to maintain emotional stability, this will have a positive impact on our family.

Help children who are struggling with high levels of cortisol – a stress hormone, master the art of stress relief. How can I do that? For example, tickling them, building faces, wearing funny masks or using tricks of the store toys.

Please, a little more sleep during the holidays – take the example of children who are able to recover thanks to the daily sleep. Plan your holidays and check for computers and tablets in the bedroom. Arrange a two-hour break from gadgets to sleep and spend more time on the street to raise the level of melatonin.

As an adult to take care of yourself

Pre-mark the right to personal matters: take the time for a massage, pedicure, manicure, haircut, going to the gym, walk or run outdoors. If finances are limited, instead of costly procedures, spend time with a good friend or family member. In fact, the holidays – it’s time to get, not give.

Instead of meeting with friends spend interesting time with your loved ones – you’ll be surprised how important it is for the soul.

Become a little more tolerant of disorder in the house – for example, set the days when children can not obscure the bed and did not clean up the toys. Use this time for a fun pastime with the family.

It is normal sometimes locked in the bedroom or the bathroom to stay a few minutes in silence, – so you can calm down and relax.

Take a break for a cup of tea and ask the children to give you the opportunity to sit at this time quietly.

You can purchase an aquarium and put in front of him reclining chair.

If you feel too tired, consider sending children on holiday in children’s camp.

As an adult to care for children

From time to time, breathe deeply and encourage your children to do the same.

Master the art of the pause.

As often as possible remove all the phones and other Soup in a special box.

Let some days will be days of relaxation in pajamas: do not plan and do not go out. If possible, give up on this day as on any technology – play cards, board games, master crafts – all in their pajamas.

Gently tickle children.

Take “The Thieving Magpie” on the child’s palm.

At the family council to discuss the beginning of the holiday vacation plan – relaxed in the morning, including a walk or an adventure (for children a trip to the store – not fun). Also discuss how often they use the gadgets and for what purpose. Encourage them to create their own three-minute video – then they will not sit aimlessly with the phone.

Put together the seeds of vegetables and greens.

Instead own timeout calmly tell the children that they have time to calm down in her bedroom, put in order your emotions and come back when they become calmer.

Remember the power of cuddle, especially without words.

Lie on the couch.

Master masks and hats.

Give the kids a big sheet, so that they can make a house.

Invite to a friends house for long games – kids behave much better when their friends are around.

Let every afternoon you will have a quiet hour – children can read, sleep, build from Lego, play any quiet games to adults was an hour break.

Put more often the sounds of nature and soothing classical music in the background.

Play “Sea Wave” or charades.

Walk as much as possible.

Play with your pets – real or imagined.

Open house massage parlor or salon, where do pedicures and massages to each other.

Use aromatherapy essential oils home sandalwood or lavender.

More to read, especially the fascinating stories.

Listen to audiobooks, huddled together.

Look embracing good children’s movie or a documentary film about nature, which entice children.

A contest of inventions – inventions make the world better. The first prize – a trip to the zoo or a movie with friends.

Sing and dance! It reduces stress.

Keep it simple and do not be afraid to look stupid – wear funny wigs, glasses, false teeth, capes.

All these good habits to help all family members to cope with stress, so practice them so important. Children take their cue from the adults, so I advise to start with myself and today.