Boudhanath Temple

Nepal has many tourist attraction, the might Mount Everest, the highest peak, and many other top altitude place. The serpent of Himalayas raised to the top in Nepal. Apart from its highest peaks, it country of beautiful valleys, cold and fresh water rivers and springs. Nepal can’t be summarised in one article, But we also can’t forget that it has deep religious attraction, The home to Buddha civilization. The center of Buddha teaching, Nepal has a great important in it religious ways. Temple of Boudhanath is the example of it. A very specialized architecture very well known to the rest of the the world.

Boudhanath is located 7 km East/Northeast of Kathmandu & home to one of the largest Buddhist stupas in the world, built during the 5th century AD.

Amazing myth , history and nice architecture. Peaceful walk and great restaurants around the whole shrine. I think the appropriate place to spend the whole day walking around with the monasteries and stupa itself.

After the earthquake the statue is not any longer in place, however you can go around shopping and take some pictures of the images in the bottom of the monument.

Many interesting thing to do while visiting the temple, after seeing the statue which was under construction during my visit will reveal the greatness of the place. The spiritual attraction of the people with the temple can noticed by the pilgrimagers. They never stop whole year, they have attachment to this place.

The great Stupa is being repaired after the earthquake. It is very beautiful and on the full moon, many people come to make the kora and light lamps. It was a good experience to see so many Tibetan people.

I had the good fortune to stay at the Hyatt Regency hotel, a mere 10-minute walk to Boudhanath, during a week-long stay in Kathmandu. I walked over to Boudhanath every evening and never got tired of it.

It obviously was an astounding site before the earthquake and probably will be again when finished. The square surrounding the Boudhanath is full of restaurants with good food.