The most interesting tests of the year have been carefully selected and Layfhakerom keshbek-service Kopikot and merged into the top so that you can learn about yourself a little more.


How large is your vocabulary?


With all the myriad richness of the Russian language, our everyday vocabulary is quite limited and stingy. We watched a couple of dictionaries, seized a bit of fun, but rare words and made a test to check whether you know them or not.

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How well do you remember the school curriculum?


Many important knowledge completely weathered from the head when the last time we transcend the threshold of the school. We offer to find out how much memory is fresh in your curriculum.

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Are you literate?


You can perfectly know Russian, but still doubt the spelling of certain words. Answer a few questions to check their literacy.

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What is your level of intelligence?


Poor little string up gyrus and check whether you are smart, they are used to think? To try his luck and go to the most controversial of all existing test – the test for intelligence.

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What are you an alcoholic?


We offer you a free and very funny online test about alcoholism. After its passage, you will learn to transform into someone when a little (or a lot) drink.

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Your significant other – what is it?


Search for the second half – a complicated and laborious. We offer a little bit easier on yourself and pass the test, which will tell you on which type you should pay most attention to.

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Do you know the capital of the world?


Bragged to everyone that you know very well the geography? Certainly not! Let’s see if the strength you correctly identify both known and less popular capitals of the world.

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How well do you know the characters of the 1980s and 1990s?


Aroma cud Love is …, taste gummy Chewits, squeak hours Montana … rocking on the waves of pleasant nostalgia and pass a test on the very soul of a bygone era.

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Can you guess the show one frame?


Answer the 15 questions and prove to everyone that you are a true connoisseur of series and not just spend their time sitting in front of the monitor screen.

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Can you read lips?


Unusual test that quickly help you understand whether you are able to read lips.Open a another talent!

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You can find all Layfhakera tests here . Answer questions, share results with friends and do not forget to regularly pass our new tests. 🙂