The Beautiful Pearl Island

The Pearl Islands archipelago includes approximately 100 islands, many of them tiny and uninhabited. They’re located in the Gulf of Panama, around 30 miles from the coast. The islands have a wild, castaway feel. The largest and most travel-friendly of the Pearl Islands is Contadora Island, which boasts a small airport.

In Spanish, “Contadora” means “counter” – appropriate, since the island is where Spanish conquistadors would count the pearls harvested from other Pearl Islands. At 74,000 acres, Isla del Rey is the largest of the Pearl Islands and the second-largest island in Panama.

First the Pearl Islands were reserved only for the rich and the famous since getting to the islands was expensive, just like the hotels and resort. But since a few years the tourism industry is growing and the first ferries from mainland Panama were there. These ferries can take you to the Islands for a small price.

This Island is enriched with all kind of fun, one can start his journey from Panama city, by boat. Though the place is a bit costly, but enjoyment level is very high at Island. On reach the Island there are  some small islands located in surroundings. They all combined to form Pearl Island, beaches are very nice and the snorkeling amazing in the Pacific ocean. At low tide, people go on swimming, There are hundreds types of fishes, with beautiful shades on their bodies.

The beaches are quiet with some trees that you can hide from the sun if it’s too hot. There is no bar or something to get food or drinks so it’s better, to ask in your hotel for a little cooler with water and snacks a pair of chairs and an umbrella. The beach is very clean, due to the cooperation of those who are coming to it.