In Hong Kong entertainment, there are a lot of actresses are due to family because of the plateau. For example, "Empress" Cai Shaofen, then debut is because the mother gambling into sex, Gigi Lai and Cecilia Cheung debut is to reduce the burden on the family. So we see a lot of bright and beautiful actress appearance, in fact, is a fragile heart.

Today, and we want to say that the actress, who played the “home of the temptation” in the Ally. Born in Hong Kong in 1983, Li Caihua, in order to pay off for their parents, only 17 years old, she set foot in the entertainment business.

In 2001, Li Caihua, a Hong Kong Standard Chartered Bank credit card television ads and quickly became popular in just one year, has become a song, video, advertising industry’s popularity small days.

Li Caihua as parents for debt, only 17 years old, she set foot in entertainment.

In 2002, LiCaiHua and LinFeng, YeXuan cooperation shooting “sea of clouds jade arch margin”, in the broadcast, the ratings steadily rising, she played the Valley of the gentle and kind, to the audience left a deep impression.

But also because this drama to let more viewers recognize her.

In 2006, Li Caihua and Luo Jialiang co-starring large-scale historical drama “Zhaojun out of the plug”, the ratings have been high after the broadcast, Li Caihua Zhaojun conquered the audience conquered the heart.

Her temperament temperament, pretty face, but also by everyone’s favorite.

In 2009, starring in mainland China emotional drama “lock QingQiu”, played JiangYuPing. The play in January 22nd landing Shanghai TV channel, and in the country hit.

In the same year shooting the Republic drama “big maidservants”, LiCaiHua plays ShenLiuYun. Perhaps because of the relationship between the appearance of glamorous, Li Caihua in many of the basic image of the film and television are “evil woman” role.