Sri lanka is mixed set of beautiful places, like mountains, natural parks, gardens and beaches. It is like one big island in a sea, most part were destroyed by 2004 tsunami. But it restored its beauty in few years, now from all over the world people came to spends their vacation in here. The country is green due to, rains and access of water. Sri lanka is very beautiful South Asian country, it generates huge income from tourism.

Bentota Town Sri Lanka 

The most popular coastal town in Sri Lanka, located in the Galle District of the Southern Province, governed by an Urban Council. Like most coastal town in the world, it is famous for its beautiful view, greenery, tree, sea life and its beaches. A very fresh air blows; that can forget the feel of hot summer. By the end of June, the rainy season of Monsoon starts. The hot weather becomes nicer, the best time to visit the town is in Monsoon season.

The most popular place in the town is Bentota Beach, a very beautiful beach in Indian Ocean, but a dangerous one. It scares shit out of me, when in Monsoon rainy day I tried to swim, but thanks to guide who stopped me right in time, otherwise someone here will be telling you my story of stupidity and death. The most beautiful time which I enjoyed and remembered most was one night in full moon when their was a high tide. The water looks like flood of mild, rising to the sky. It completely stunning me, I will never forget this beautiful scene.


Lovely beach with great sunset although sea can be a bit rough at this time of year. Just have to be aware of the flag system, otherwise you will be found dead or not.

Well designed modern hotels are easily to find. Good staff, friendly environment and clean fell will be seen in them. Rooms are very beautiful designed and comfortable. Free WIFI for more devices to connect to the the world and beautiful pools are here to entertain you. Great lunch with five star quality welcoming you. So don’t miss a chance to visit Bentota town while visiting Sri Lanka.