Autumn, with its cold, rain, sleet and darkness is already half over. We finally returned from a relaxed summer mode to the normal work schedule, and many feel this transition as if it left a bright and cheerful holiday and dived in monochrome everyday.

There are many reasons to fall in the autumn blues, to plunge into despair and dullness depression. The anticipation of bad weather and darkness promote it.

How to prepare for what will inevitably come? When I started writing this article, I thought about the ensuing fall and approaching winter. But it turned out in the course of deliberation, that the same approach can be applied to other unavoidable changes with the sign “minus”.

When we know that in front of us waiting for something unpleasant, at our disposal, there are several ways to deal with this knowledge:


Do not look to the other side, continue to indulge in having fun, not paying attention to what’s coming. And then it is inevitable necessarily caught by surprise. It turns out that in the locker room is no autumn shoes. Or, quite unexpectedly, children grow up, and it remains empty, because all the time and attention were busy taking care of them, and his own life and interests were abandoned.


Begin to mourn in advance to spoil the fun of the fact that there is still, even with you. Walk with a bad mood, when it has not yet started, what are you afraid. This man is not eyeing carefully to what comes, it can not really see, deal with it, but only sadness. For many people, this feeling rises at the end of holiday: the sea is not happy, and they are totally focused on the idea that everything will end soon.


Joy that is, but at the same time pay attention to what comes. “Yes, it will happen. Let’s see what you can do about it. What good can this look? How to cope with the fact that just is not good? “. This method requires the ability to go down to the ground of reality, to notice and experience both good and bad.

The receiving method can be where we are, and to be attentive to what is happening. Yes, come on cold days, a little sun, and will be sad. Now is not the summer, less energy, less joy. But what, then, will please me in these gloomy days? From what I will be warmer? Maybe when I was wrapped in a blanket, sit with a book under the shade and drink something warm and tasty? Maybe, when I hear the voice of a friend on the telephone? Or turn on a funny show or movie on which enthusiastically cry? To each his own recipe. When in the autumn, as it is in itself pales into all unnecessary plan, that does not matter now. That takes strength. When the ratio of own resources to become careful: on the shoulder Do me now that I’m up to? Or wait, when to begin another period of my life?

There breath is an exhalation. All life is subject to rhythmic changes. There is a time to be open, to strive to move, change places. And there is a time of rest from that state. Time to hide from the cold and damp, wrap up in a warm and soft ruffle up, to go deep into yourself. Time will not be frivolous, does not run on the first call, the time to take care of yourself.
Unfortunately, this ability to take care of themselves for many of us is given with difficulty. We do not who did this study. Our mothers do not know how they did not have before. But we can barely make small steps in this direction, then to take care of themselves can have our children.

How to warm themselves in the dank autumn? How warm the body and soul? Listen to yourself. What do you warm and happy? Each approach something of their own, unique. I will suggest a few things that are more or less universal, and then – let your imagination work.

Find something that you are happy. Bright colors of autumn? Delicious food and beautiful? Warm drinks? Books and movies? Blankets and scarves?
Maintain good relations with family and loved ones. You can call a friend with whom for a long time did not say, to come to him through the mud and the cold.
Sometimes it is very valuable to think about the importance. Understand what is truly important to you. What of all that you have done, it is valuable for you.
Many people are warm caring for others. Find someone who you need now, give him your warmth.
It is important for the person to feel that he is doing. You can add to your life more feelings, warm feelings, abandon automatism, a forced operation. After we left the automatism life.
Finally, you can pay attention to what our body is happy, pampered and indulge yourself.
Listen to yourself, like peering into the forest diversity when looking for mushrooms. Where is hiding the source of our joy? This is valuable? This is exactly what I need? To be careful and considerate, you can hear the quiet voice of his own heart. It is this ability gradually comes to us, if the train, give it time. Give yourself the right to be a slow and sensitive, be yourself attentive and caring friend, a good talker.

Maybe a man once met in your life, and if at first you can mentally handle it. And what would he say to me now? Maybe at first you will like to hear this man’s voice. Gradually, he becomes your own voice, warming the heart.

We reserve the spark of life. We find them and blow up, hiding in his hands. We warm light of quiet joy. We are not afraid of the cold times.