Numerous, in the framework of the flash mob # YaNeBoyusSkazat, recognition of women about their experiences of sexual harassment and violence stirred up online. Many remember that they were attacked in a public place in broad daylight. How to protect yourself if the hand has no means of self-defense? Alexander Nikitin , the trainer developed in Israel, the military close combat system Krav Maga, I am sure that there are no hopeless situations. We recorded a few tricks that will help you escape from the rapist.

The best way to win in a fight – it’s her escape. There are a few simple rules that you should follow if you do not want to get into trouble.

1) Watch and listen

We are often in a hurry and do not look around. If you go on a quiet deserted street, look, not whether the other side of the road aggressive company, if not hidden in the bushes a strange man, do not wait if someone is at the door? If the person makes you suspicious, try not to run into him. You can go to the shopping or business center or call relatives and ask them to meet you at the entrance.

The danger can not only see but also hear. In a potentially dangerous situation, try to remove the phone from the hands, remove the headphones. An attacker could shout something, trying to call you. In this case, it is necessary to act on the situation. We must try to be as far away from the aggressor or to wait in a crowded place. For example, go to the nearest bank or shop.

2) Choose the safest way

Do not cut your way home through the dark deserted industrial area or along the garages. Choose a well-lit road, on which there is a lot of people. The chance that will attack you in the middle of nowhere, always higher. If the route is no longer a safe – use an alternative route. If no other options, try not to walk alone. For example, you can negotiate with your friends and return home together.

3) Train to use self defense products

If you decide to buy a self-defense tool, practice using them. Any means of self-defense necessary to have time to get it quickly. Therefore, if you have pepper spray on the way home to shift it out of the bag in his pocket; it is best to keep it in your hand so that it was not visible. Practice in a safe place to use spray, to know in what direction it will dissipate the force with which it is necessary to click on it to spray. In a situation of attack you will not have time to exercise. We must act quickly and confidently.

4) Tread confident gait

The offender chooses a victim on the basis of certain ideas about it. If you go looking in the phone, busy with their own thoughts, moving uncertainly or manifest your fear, you – the potential victim. The attacker will most likely not be resolved to attack, if you go fast, confident, look around you.

5) Watch out for potential intruders

If you see a suspicious person who is sent to you and meeting with him did not escape, do not lose sight of him. You have to see where he is and what he does. Please note, where are his hands, and that he keeps them. This will avoid “surprises”.

6) Keep your distance

Do not let strangers close to him, if there is no good reason (in public transport, we have to reduce to a minimum personal space). If someone is trying to aggressively approach you, stop the voice command “Stop!” And proposed to continue the conversation on race, citing poor health, etc.

7) “The man had a knife!”

If you are attacked, try to attract the attention of the voice. Do not just shout “Help!”. Passers-by can not pay attention to it. Indicate the specific actions criminal. For example: “he had a gun,” “he has a knife.” It is best to contact targeted passers-by. “Man, help me, I threaten” works better than “help, were attacked.”

The offender does not want to attract attention to their actions, therefore it is necessary to speak loudly and confidently. So that passers-by could hear.

8) Hit the first

If the conflict can not be avoided – the first hit. If you have someone there was a conflict, and you realize that a peaceful way to solve it is not – do not wait for the opponent’s attack, the first attack. surprise factor will increase the chance of a successful enemy attack.

Try to keep the enemy at a distance kick. Thus, you will be able to attack the enemy in such vulnerable places such as knees or groin. At the same time, you can avoid many of the attacks and seizures, which are impossible in the middle distance.

9) Use the means at hand

Your bag or backpack can be used as a shield, keys, pens, scissors – can be a weapon against the attacker. Your task – to see the problem in advance and get ready to solve it.

10) Do not be afraid

And the main thing! If you have been attacked – you have nothing to lose. Use all possibilities: beat, scratch, bite, scream.

Note: The shown techniques are not complete a course of self-defense!