Metropolitan Anthony Preaching (Surozh) the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Today we celebrate the day of the Assumption, resting place of the Virgin Mary. This is our feast day, but it is also the feast day of the whole Russian Church anciently.

How can we celebrate the day of the Assumption, the day of death? Only if we remember two things. First, what is death for us remaining on earth, bitter, painful separation from loved ones. But for dying the death, assumption is the solemn, majestic encounter a living soul with the living God.

In our we relocate to the fullness of life throughout life, which the Lord has promised us; we know it or not, this completeness we can find only in God. And now, and knew it holy, and the believers in truth, and vacillating, and did not know it, and even this lifetime denied the day, when their soul is separated from the body, will appear before the living God, who is the life that there is joy, beauty; and as of this writing, Father Alexander Elchaninov, there is no soul, which, seeing the beauty of the divine, arms of the Divine love, the light of eternal life, do not bow to his feet and say: My Lord! You searched for a single I spent my entire life …

In all ways and the truth and the falsehood of the people looking for complete, this ineffable beauty of this meaning and that all winning, all the cleaning, all the transforming love. So when we find ourselves in the face of a loved one’s death, no matter how deeply our grief, no matter how torn our soul, we should be able to cross, put yourself under and before the cross of the Lord, and say: Yes, Lord! I come upon the most, perhaps, a great mountain, which could comprehend me – but I am glad that the living soul of man I loved was honored today to stand before Thy glory and join the fullness of life and glory of transforming …

We also did not say in vain that the Assumption, as many times reminds us of the apostle Paul, there is a temporary sleep our flesh until the day of resurrection.

And so, celebrating the Assumption of the Mother of God, not only do we believe that it will rise again in the last day, as all of us, but we know for certain, of the apostolic tradition, the experience of the Church – not only holy, but also sinful, who sought his love and mercy and compassion, Mother of God, we know that she is already resurrected flesh and came into this life that we will in the end times.

Therefore, we can celebrate today a complete joy the day of the Assumption of the Mother of God, when with Her fallen body ties, when she was released from the boundaries of created being, when she came out of the narrow faces of the fallen world, and in all his glory, in all of ineffable beauty, in His purity stood in the face of his Son and God, before God and the Father …

our joy may be perfect, no tears, no sorrow: it is a celebration of life; but it is also testimony to us that the resurrection – not an empty word, that the resurrection – not an allegory, but all of us, according to the word of God, be resurrected and enter into the fullness of our humanity, and soul, and spirit, and body in eternity, in everlasting joy of our Lord.

Therefore, let us rejoice and be glad in that day!

And how marvelous that the Russian Church has seen the light in the eleventh century, this secret, so accepted the mystery of the Mother of God, the mystery of life and death, and resurrection, and the last celebration that made this holiday a holiday of the Russian Church. Amen.