Even a beauty like Ariana Grande cannot get a date. What??

The “Dangerous Woman” admitted that she can’t get chances to meet somebody new. According to Female First, she said “I think men approach me less now I’m famous, but then I hardly ever go out any more.”

The singer whose relationship with Big Sean ended after eight month of dating was rumored to be “romantically close” with Ricky Alvarez, a backing dancer. Yet so far there is no confirmation about whether it is true or not.

She is fabulous, surrounded by famous friends including Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, and having fans supporting her, but she stated that she prefers to be with her family and childhood friends.

“I’m so lucky to be surrounded by amazing friends and family. I love having them around me. (…) they keep it real and help me stay grounded. Family is everything to me, especially my nonna.”

Got it! She tries to prove that being happy doesn’t mean that we have to be mingle, right?