Today a woman can be anyone. Fly into space, climb Everest, to stand at the head of corporations, armies and states, to receive the Nobel Prize and exhibited in the Louvre … But to achieve it instantly devalued, if not the main – gold ring on the ring finger. Caring friends, colleagues and relatives at every opportunity, tap on the wrist, “an hour-something ticking. When to be married? “. The objections are not accepted, tactless topic is not discussed, and rude in response to ugly – in fact close people only want the good. How to protect yourself from pesky questions and at the same time not to offend anyone?

an hour behind

Marries time when this has internal resources. To live with the person and work together to grow the love you need to be a person myself. When will I learn not only to cook soup and ironed shirt, but also to build a career without sacrificing family, creating home comfort, tolerance and understanding in difficult situations, it can be a burden to her husband, and support. By the way, can share their secrets of time management?

I do not like to fight for the blanket

I feel good and comfortable to live alone. I like to fry an egg from an egg, make a healthy salad with low-fat yogurt, and most eat a whole cake, walk around the house in his pajamas, watching your favorite programs, not football, and lie on a diagonal on a big comfortable bed, not defending in combat their right to pillow and a warm blanket. When I realize that I want to share with someone breakfast, cake and a blanket – and then get married. By the way, I do not know where is the nearby pastry shop?

I’m afraid to make a mistake

A hasty marriage may end very quickly and very sad. Divorce – not the most pleasant procedure, and pass through it I do not want. So I’m looking for someone with whom I can feel the closeness and go through the whole life, not looking around. By the way, how did you meet your husband?

I do not give a kiss without love

And intimacy before marriage. Yes, I’m old-fashioned. Fashion on the chastity of more than five thousand years, and it is still relevant. And I hope to meet a man whose views coincide with mine. By the way, what do you think about male polygamy?

I glue together a broken heart

In every joke there is some joke. After experiencing a bad novel nonreciprocal feeling heavy parting, willy-nilly, you will long to shy away from any relationship, even remotely resembling similar. As long as the memory of the pain experienced is still fresh and the wound is not healed, I do not even want to think about marriage. But I try to glue a broken heart and get away from the bleak experience – read useful books, travel, I go to the gym. By the way, do you want to run in the morning together?

Cat does not let

Very attached to her Barsiku, and I have it from others and Monogamous catches. You know, cats and dogs, especially the elderly, do not always get along with the new members of the family. Some of jealousy begin to be labeled, to spoil things, biting and scratching “invader”, and the most intransigent even leave home. By the way, the kitten is not needed?

I work at Paris

I dream about the best wedding in the world – with a full room of guests, gorgeous dress, great musicians, a real honeymoon. I would like to hand in hand with your loved walking through the Louvre, see the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysées … I’m not going to ruin for the sake of a dream or the groom, or even more so our parents. When I earn enough – a wedding. By the way, I invite you now!
Translated clocks

On the agenda of other interests. I really want to start a family, and I hope to give her a significant share of time and effort. Therefore, I plan to implement the first goal important for me – to complete their education, earn on an apartment, to defend his dissertation, write a book – before they get married. And age does not hurt. The famous Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine was married for love with King Henry Plantagenet in 28 – at that time the age of the grandmother, Marie Curie married at 29, and with her husband continued to study physics, Penelope Cruz at 36 married to actor Javier Bardem and starred in his own pleasure . By the way, who you wanted to be as a child?

And in fact, why I’m not married?

Explain please, suddenly prompt, what is the reason?

Answer should be innocent face and clear eyes, quite frankly throwing the load on call interlocutor. For answers, however, should listen attentively – an outsider has a chance to notice the shortcomings, the problem areas and weaknesses, which you were not even aware.

Jokes is endless – to quote the classics and satirists, tell jokes and parables, to complain about how difficult it is now to buy really nice clothes and get rid of vulgar wedding jokes …

If the person asking tactless questions, you really care about, try to talk to him frankly. Explain that you hate, hurt, seriously, that you are not prepared to discuss the reasons for your loneliness, at least for now. Share your feelings and doubts, tell us what you are looking for true love, and not waste your time on trifles. If marriage is part of your plans, and the source – in the number of close relatives, be assured that you are sure to become a bride, and a happy and a happy wife – just a little later. heart to heart conversation will save you from unpleasant moments and will help to maintain good relations.