Cave beach

Cave beach, no way, how can a beach be in a cave, only two possibilities are there ether the beach is so small to be kept in a cave or the cave is to big that a beach is situated in it. But these two possibilities are no right, neither beach can be imagine as small and nor the cave can be thought as so much long. So the answer is No, no beach in a cave. Not the answer is Yes, there is a beach in a cave.

Reaching the destination, Benagil is a small Portuguese village on the Atlantic Ocean in Lagoa Municipality and the Freguesia of Carvoeiro. It took me 30 minutes in finding suitable parking place, after doing this, I took a breath of relief. Thanks God, for ending this trouble, these ware the prayers of my heart. By seeing this I realize that how much tourist are coming to this beautiful village. Though it is small village but the peoples are very loving with welcoming hearts. Their eyes were brighten to see us, their faces reflects a beautiful smile on over arrival.

We enjoy the beach and than start moving to find our final destination, we hired a boat, it took €80. One of our friend told us, the boat took €18 per person. We were five friends, and for me the deal was success. It took 50 minutes to reaching our dream place. It was cold weather, cold breeze were blowing, I felt a little cold, but than I forget cold weather by seeing the costless scene where the caves present in the bright blue water. I was stunned at once, by seeing these amazing cave beaches, and I thought that I is a dream. I saw place never like that, it was completely magical. I thought that an artist painted these master pieces in millions of year. But than I realize that God is actually existed who made these beauties, the real beauties.

Cave Green Water
Green Color
Cave Golden Color
Golden Color

I was totally forgotten all the cost of whole travel. I just said the money was not spent. But paid completely, cent by cent, all of them. In one cave I realize that the water is green, vow vow I speak out unintentionally. In the evening the water slowly turns to golden, the scene was amazing but not to be explained in words. The Tour will be remember for many months to come.