Some things to say not very nice. If bad things – it is ours or others’ sins, then talk about them and not worth it. But if it’s just our bad habits, then our own experience can be useful to others.

Of course, eating habits, which is not accepted to admit. For example, the way to keep everywhere mugs shook around the handle threads of tea bags. Or a tradition to collect the dirty dishes in the sink as long as the net will not end completely until the saucers and ladles. And nothing about eating disorders talk is not accepted.

From a medical point of view, bulimia – eating disorder, characterized by the fact that the uncontrolled absorption of food a person causes vomiting to release stomach. At this point, it would be convenient to think: “Hurrah! I’m up to this, of course, I never do not reach! What is vomiting, do not do it. Nope I have no bulimia. ”

But let’s see. Here you choose not to eat after 18.00.

At 17.55 frantically absorb remaining in the pan after the general dinner dumplings, although they do not climb, with the thought: “Nothing, it is necessary to have time to eat anyway then you will not be anything until the morning.” Familiar?

But you practice bezglyukoznoy diet. Down with the sweet, everywhere, including baguettes and yoghurts, curds.

And trying on mom’s birthday the day by way of exception a tiny piece of cake for the company with the guests, suddenly knead half of the cake while the others engaged in conversation, and terribly afraid that you are in such a shameful occupation see. Every glance in your direction you perceive as the accusation of gluttony. What kind, and even when he got home from the guests, open the fridge and eat ice cream bar in the bargain. Since I fell, you think to yourself with hate, to walk so to walk.

Or you decide to replace the evening fried potatoes on the right apples and yogurt. And eat apples in pieces per hour, making it appear to the household that has not eaten any apples. A yogurt drink a liter, and poured himself half a glass, so that no one guessed.

There is a risk that such an effort to control himself and rein you get to that is simply no longer afraid and ashamed to exist in the presence of someone else. It feeds only on the street – standing near the entrance with a package of products from the store, quickly chew a bun, hiding it in the pocket of the passers-by. And then a second muffin. And packages of buns throw in the trash away from home.

It is possible that the rolls are replaced attacks have harsh cleansing of the body and downloading from the Internet all the existing diets. But no, no vomiting you at no call, no, no!

So. If the above do you recognize yourself, it is better now to sit down, move the plate removed from his pocket and hid bun honestly admit to herself: Yes, I suffer an eating disorder in the form of uncontrolled food intake, which is at the stage called bulimia and treated.

Yes, there was a point, rather than another punctuation mark. Treated. Bulimia is treated!

And by the way, to suffer it – not a shame. Eating disorders under our standards of beauty in the little mass culture what a woman spared. Just as we have seen, it is not accepted to talk about them.

And like any other mental disorder, bulimia treated primarily work on oneself.

First step? Traditionally: to acknowledge the problem. Do not try to laugh at her – she does not disappear. Do not call yourself fat limp bun in the spirit of “I’m trembling creature or postpone a bun?”. Do not google urgently “what to do with bulimia.” And do not even run in the IPA to a psychiatrist for the magic pill. A firmly say: the problem is, and I’ll work with her, and I will decide this issue.

As for the second step, all a bit more varied. The fastest, expensive and effective option – to turn to a therapist, who for good money to disassemble the bones of your difficult relationship with the rolls, the root of which will, as always, a difficult childhood.

But suppose that you, like most readers, no extra trunk with piastres specifically to the case of a visit to a therapist. Maybe all of these rolls have already destroyed all your savings without remainder, giving you another reason to despise yourself?

In this case, the solution too. First, you can try to strong-arm methods. Leaving the house with only $ 100 in his pocket, in which you have to buy potatoes for dinner for the whole family. Bun is not fit. Every day, purse, bank card, and even a trifle stay at home in a vase, and you alone with hundreds of travel to tempt you food world. If you hold out for two weeks – will be a lot easier. In addition, your health, and even, perhaps, the figure for these two weeks will improve, and it will cheer up. You really feel bulimia become like a disease, and a sad one hundred in a purse – as a remedy for it.

If the method of violence you do not like, then invoke the aid of the home. Or friends, if you home is not acquired. Select a trusted person, tell him openly about the problem and ask you to go shopping. In cases of special trust, you can give him the purse immediately after leaving the store, to the rest of the time have absolutely no way to secretly buy buns. If the trusted person lives with you under the same roof, it is possible to entrust him with a duty to pour portions at dinner and not allow you to reach for more.

Most importantly, what you need to learn – this is again to feel adequate hunger and satiety. The defining feature of bulimia is a lack of understanding, whether already eaten. Chew as calmly as possible and test every piece of myself: I had enough? Enough for me?

It is important to note that expel food from home and sit with an empty fridge – the wrong approach. If your reasons for bulimia lie in a hungry child, the lack of food your brain will be perceived as a terrible danger, and you nothing can not think of except food, and then you get to the depression. Food at home should be, you should be sure that you can still eat all at any time, but maybe at the moment do not need.

Do not think only, please, that the mind has a magic button, clicking on which you can at the moment to recover from grabbing buns on an industrial scale. You will gradually, in small steps to move towards common approach to eating. Initially, there will come the strongest discomfort, perhaps not without failures, especially if others will treat you carefully goodies and call for kebabs. The main thing is not to put on a big fat cross, and quietly give the remaining piece of bun pigeons, praise yourself for what you are able to at least do not eat up every last crumb, and stay on the last piece and with minimal remorse continue to live after that episode.

But remember, every minute, remember the main thing: God gave you a body and soul, you the one he gave it this soul and this body. And you are responsible for it, and for another, before him and before him. And since God gave you their sole use, so you can quite cope with them, watch them and take care. Now you have a skewed, yes. But this can be changed!

You’ll do. With bulimia can be overcome. I checked.