I was lucky – I saw beautiful women. Not just beautiful, and very beautiful women, who were 60, 70, 80 and even 90 years.

When I was in college, we taught Natalia Formanovskaya – for scholars is the name needs no comment, while philologists say that it was a great scholar, a wonderful person and a marvelous, feminine, beautiful woman. When we arrived, she was about 70, and she died as recently as this year, April 15. She was 89 years old.

The Natalia amazed me and many of my classmates? Himself. His figure. Demeanor. In its 70 (and later), she went on his heels, with perfect posture, and her face lit up a kind smile. I do not remember whether she enjoyed makeup, but the hair was gray, that’s for sure. Gray, in a neat, always impeccable hairstyle. Straight back, slim figure, slow motion, did not seem burdened years.

When I worked in Serbia, I was a senior colleague – Maria Igorevna Mejinschi. She died when she was 70. At the sight of her, I would take a camera and take pictures. The elegant pantsuits, aristocratic manners, short haircut. Makeup did not remember. Attractive, beautiful face. With wrinkles, with a slightly weary eyelids … Amazingly beautiful.

Why all of a sudden I started talking about the elderly, and has departed to a better world women?

They were beautiful. They were beautiful at every moment of his life, and even taking a step in the so-called old age, they have preserved the beauty. Without the braces, plastic surgery, Botox. Presenting the size of salaries of teachers, we can say that the creams and something they have on the shelf, probably were not the most expensive.

My dear colleagues tried to deceive any nature or others or themselves. They know exactly how old they are, and have been true to their age. Each year, for each year of life – joy and sorrow, success and failure, the experience of meetings and partings, coming and going dear people … And all this, experienced and heartfelt remains in the heart and falls on the face – maybe an extra wrinkle, but no doubt – the memory of days and kind of wise old age.
As usual, paying tribute to memories, we must turn to the urgent day. I will share with you, dear friends, the two stories of life. The first happened a few years ago. He ran to the hairdresser to cut bangs, I got to suddenly talkative girl who commented on the process chelkopodstriganiya. At some point, she noticed my face and very politely said, “Oh, you have such a wrinkle between the eyebrows! This is your facial expression is that? “. I could only shrug his shoulders: “Yes – I said – what to do, so that’s a habit.” And then I heard: “It can not be helped, just Botox.” My confusion did not last long. “Why, indeed?” – I asked a logical (as it seemed to me) question. And I heard a stunning response: “In order to please men.” Forgive me all who read these lines. I plucked up insolence (chutzpah or pick me) and said, “Yes, I have them, and so there is no problem.” Fortunately, my fringe has been trimmed, dried and stacked, and I was able to leave the salon, without entering into further discussions. But confusion remains … Botox to please men? I do not understand. Remove Wrinkles? Well, yes, probably, for 30 years too early, but this is me, this is my body language, my (of course, bad) habit to wrinkle forehead, when I have someone to listen carefully and immerse themselves in a topic. And generally speaking. What for?

More recently, I had the opportunity to translate the master-class specialists in aesthetic medicine. Do some shots of wrinkles (the brand will not be called, no advertising). There were Russian doctors and one foreigner, which, actually, I translated. Impressed three facts.

First. There comes a woman who signed up as a model for this event. He says, for example, that she does not like the wrinkles around the eyes. Around worth several professionals in the “beauty industry”. They carefully examine her face and begin to ask questions … about what they think needs to be adjusted in addition to wrinkles. Have you noticed that you? .. And you did not say that here? .. Are not you worried about that here? ..

I just clapped eyes, looking like a man who came from the same problem, learns that something with which he came – nonsense, and it is necessary to actually chin, neck, eyelids and even thirty-three misfortunes correct.

As acknowledged by the doctors themselves, there are also situations in everyday practice. Maybe not often, but because as it turns out: a woman came with the hope to solve the problem, and came out with a list of questions (as it turned out) and problems (in the future) systems and the costs of their decision.

Second. A foreigner who is engaged in aesthetic medicine in the country operates both in public and private clinics. In private practice he also has to deal with “wrinkles around the nose”, and in the state … That’s where the aesthetic medicine! When, after the hardest of Oncology have to restore part of the face, so that later the patient can live a normal life. Alien my standing and rather sarcastically commented “wrinkles around the bush.” He shared with me, and one observation: in one of the professional congress he saw a man with the face of forty, but with hands that betrayed his age … Overseas doctor, coming from a country where people know how to appreciate beauty, only sighed, recalling caricature and sad it looked.

Finally, the third. One of the latest models was a young woman of thirty, with amazing, in my opinion, features, where wrinkles and some could not see. After learning her age, even the experts said: “Woman, why do you.” She insisted on the fact that the injections were made to “remove the emerging wrinkle here.”

Frankly, I and fellow translators (there were three), come together after the event for a cup of coffee, unanimously decided that “looking at this thing … I think I do not want to.”

Of course, everyone chooses for themselves (women, religion, way). And it is important for every woman to feel attractive. Only hardly injection and the surgeon’s scalpel to fully solve the problem of our internal self-doubt, release us from complexes and help to feel definitely attractive. It’s not the quantity of wrinkles, extra (unnecessary if?) Kilograms of white or colored hair.

Beauty Industry insists that beauty = youth. Real life suggests that beauty = beauty. Any age. You can age beautifully. It can be a beautiful old. You can be beautiful and 70, and in 80 years – without injections and braces. Do not hide all the joys and sorrows, through which we are passing. Be thankful years that lay on the face, and heart.
I do not want to be forever young beauty. I want to grow old beautifully. To the grandchildren proudly say: “What we have beautiful grandmother!”. To justify the wise lines of an old song: “My years – my wealth.”