Many people say that Xinjiang produced beauty, the mysterious features of the Western Regions actress is the most popular in recent years, the artist, they Yan value is very high, the United States if the angel, extraordinary temperament, air moving. Compared to today’s shaping of the atmosphere, the beauty of these Western beauty and the temperament of the face of the fans become the aesthetic standards of the hearts of fans, their smiles, every move seems to be with glory, people can not remove the gaze. After all, how beautiful the beauty of the Western Regions? The following list to the production of the beauty of those produced in the Western Regions.

Dili hot bar was named the Chinese version of thousands of praise Iraq’s fat Di, formerly known as Dili Reba Dilimulati, was born in Xinjiang Uygur. Because of a long face full of collagen protein, coupled with beautiful facial features, thousands of fans are deeply support.

Her temperament is full of mysterious moving from the land of the Western Regions, tall and even, graceful curve, often fans joked that her previous life must have saved Mars.

Dili hot bar was born in Urumqi, in the TV series “Carla Lover” Dili hot bar by virtue of beautiful appearance and bring their own acting field to stay in the air to win the audience’s favorite.

Netizens will even Dili hotline and lovely fragments made of moving pictures to the microblogging on the sun, causing a great response, and even friends will Tang Yan’s old photos were compared, called Tang Yan is also the United States.

In the “Gu Jian Qi Tan” in a good performance ability, has been a lot of Gu Jian fans support, although works less, but the value of color has repeatedly been users must be considered a half-successful.

Initially debut in the TV series “Anaerhan” as female Anna Erhan, due to the role of the relationship, Dili hot bar or with a thick smell of Xinjiang woman.

August 9, 015, Zhang Han in the microblogging drying out with Gu Li Nazha kiss photo, officially announced love, a time to seize the entertainment headlines, standing on the cusp above. However, after Coulee responded to the romance with long text “he is really good” to express themselves is not a small three, and together with Zhang Han is also due to drama situation, but also the man’s active pursuit. The friends understand the two romances, have expressed the idea that the man is slagging men like the radical remarks.

Gu Li Na Zha from the “Xuanyuanjian of the day marks” debut, played in the snow was the evaluation of a new generation of “fairy sister”, perhaps because the color is too dark or because the hair is too yellow.