Leave time for family and hobbies, and at the same time earn good money – the dream of most people. The author of several best-selling books on personal effectiveness Laura Vanderkam shares the secrets of success, which has made as a result of communicating with people, earning more than $ 100 000 per year.


1. Apply a proactive approach to the working week

Many successful people plan their week in advance, so Monday met head-on. Reduce the time to communicate via e-mail and social networks, and you can spend it on a short-term priority tasks. It is also important to be prepared for the unexpected (fallen snow or a matinee at the child), in time to implement plans for the whole week.

2. … but we work flexibly

Successful people know that the work takes not only the gap between the 9 and 18 hours. It is often convenient to perform tasks going beyond the normal working hours. Over time, the professional and personal life spheres penetrate each other. If you do not have time to do something during the day, when distracted by a private, one can easily sacrifice the evening time watching TV. This will allow you to relax after a hard day’s work, and to use time efficiently, and most importantly, to good use.

3. Plan your life for weeks

Not every day can go according to plan. Successful people who have found a balance between work and personal life , to understand a simple truth: in fact, we do not live our lives in these days, we measure it in weeks. We spend two days on a business trip, but the use of the other five days to reach their goals.

4. Use the time to invest in your future

Even if successful people are trying to reduce working time, they put it in building relationships, improving professional skills, or finding a new job.

5. Be creative in a family pastime

Many busy families is difficult to find time to have dinner together. But this is not the only possibility for a joint meal: Many successful people are opting for this family breakfasts. So people with a very busy schedule figured out how to pay attention to the family and to create shared memories.

6. Join the “normal” camp

Housework is constantly growing and threatens to fill in all your spare time, if you allow it to her. While you are spending your own money on the strength or the hiring of domestic helpers, successful people do not spend a penny, lowering their own standards. No need to be a perfectionist in everything, sometimes you have to be normal. Even if you remove the toys for the children until late at night, early in the morning, they again will be scattered around the house. Successful people prefer to spend their free time to work, relax or chat with your partner.

7. Put a priority on good sleep and exercise

Good news: the successful people sleep about 54 hours a week, that is only a little less than 8 hours a day. I do not think it’s a coincidence. Building a career and a happy family requires a great deal of energy. Sleep and exercise replenish the energy resources of the person. You do not have to play sports every day at the same time. Sometimes you can ask the other half to wake you up a bit earlier in the morning to run, another time to walk through the park during the afternoon and on weekends to get to the gym.

8. Choose the best way of leisure

Of course, successful people watch television. But no more than 4.5 hours a week. This gives them the opportunity to find time to meet with friends, sports, reading, volunteering and hobbies. Pre-selecting activities for time off work, you can easily reduce the probability of switching the TV, because you’ll be busy.

9. Use even small periods of free time

Free time often comes in small pieces between the cases, but it does not mean that it should not be used. One woman was playing with the children while they went to school together, instead of checking email or social networks. Even time can be used wisely in a long queue. For example, recall your favorite verses.