Annual Moscow Book Fair Non / fiction – is a paradise for knigomanov. People come with suitcases on wheels, to take away their catch. The audience is going to the most diverse: amazing old men, as if from the middle of the last century, adults without children, adults with children (saw a couple with a baby in her arms and carriage, piled high with books), teenagers.

And, of course, books! Their countless, all of them can touch, hold in your hand, browse and even read, but also to discuss with the last sellers new books and talk heart to heart. Withdrawal from the Non / fiction should be loaded, tired and full of impressions, mentally making a list of what else you need to purchase in the near future.

Actually, the experiences I want to share with you. Interesting novelties this year was a lot, but I’ll try to control myself and to keep within a few positions.

“HISTORY OF THE OLD APARTMENTS”: the author Alexander Litvin, Anna Desnitskaya artist ( “Scooter”, 2016).

Great idea in an equally wonderful performance. Russian history of the twentieth century through the history of the apartment, where since 1902 the family lived Muromtseva for 100 years. In focus were not only people, but also things, household items, which are detailed painted by the artist Anna Desnitskaya. Alexandra Litvinova texts with amazing atmospheric and historically authentic pictures of Anna Desnitskaya produce a more powerful effect than a conventional history book. The book I want to hold in their hands, flipping, examine, read captions for pictures. Ledger ID “Scooter” this year, and is perhaps one of the most notable innovations of children’s Non / fiction 2016.

For children 6+ (and adults!)


“SLEEPY BEAR. EVENING BOOK with a surprise “: the author Ian Whybrow, artist, Axel Scheffler (” Creation Machine “, 2016).

Well, a very nice book! Branded recognizable illustrations by Axel Scheffler ( “Gruffalo”, “The Snail and the Whale”, “Room on the Broom” and others.). In the book wonderful drop-down windows and various moving parts, made with humor. I absolutely fell in love with washable shower bear, who rubs her back with a brush, if you lift the curtain. Because snowdrift lamb leaves by car, from the thick foliage jumps menacing roaring lion, hiding in the shell of a not very scary monster. And, you can look in the windows, lodges and burrows, which already comfortably settled in different small animals, spy, than they were doing. A book, in fact, the teddy bear, who must get to his young master.

For children 2-4 years.


“The Night Gardener”: the authors Terry and Eric Feng ( “Polyandriya”, 2016).

She read the book directly at the fair, furtively wiping away a tear. It is an incredibly touching and bright, and very beautiful! This is one of those books where the illustrations are great emotional load than text. The book begins with gray images, monochromatic and rather dull: gray boring city, gray people, Wandering somewhere down the shoulders under the weight of worries and hardship. Leafing through further, we see that the image becomes brighter and more cheerful.

Why do these changes occur? In the city there is a vigorous type of an elderly man with a heavy ladder under his arm. That night he transforms the city – masterly cuts out from the crown of animals and birds. And the more it turns out these unusual trees, the brighter the city and its residents in the streets. And then one day the boy William meets a mysterious nocturnal gardener who invites him to work together. There comes a time, and the gardener leaves, and the fruit of their joint labor disappear, along with fallen leaves in autumn. But the city does not become the same. The book is about what wonders nearby, and they are in our hands. And about the magic power of art, of course.

For children 4-8 years.


“ARMSTRONG. Mouse incredible journey to the Moon “: the author Torben Kuhlman (” Polyandriya “, 2016).

A few years ago, the German graphic designer Torben Kuhlman furor his diploma work, which later became the children’s graphic novel of incredible beauty, “Lindberg. Incredible Adventures of a flying mouse “. And recently I saw the light of the second book about a mouse-inventor. First of all pay attention to the design of the book, as it is fantastically illustrated. Pictures Torben Kuhlmann, among other things, I’m very fond of subtle humor, friendly to both adults and children. Yes, the jokes are usually artist Kuhlman where Kuhlman-author remains serious.

The plot of “Armstrong” dynamic and exciting. Put the book in the middle of it is simply impossible. Inspired by the success of his predecessor, who invented the airplane and it crossed the ocean, mouse decides to go into space. Despite the fairy tale, the book is very informative of her child will learn many interesting things about space and to get acquainted with the fundamentals of rocketry. At the end of the brief history of space exploration, which is also very informative.

For children 4-10 years


“Rainbow Chameleon”: The author Yusuke Enedzu ( “Polyandriya”, 2016).

Cute malyshovom cardboard booklet, resembling cardboard Eric Carle, with moving parts. Small chameleon Leon Amelie is looking for his girlfriend. Her habit of changing color to blend in with the surrounding landscape greatly complicates the task. In addition, there are different ways of Leon dangerous animals, but he cleverly changes color and goes unnoticed. Chameleon need to help change the colors by rotating the cardboard wheel. Ends book is very cute: the rain begins, Leon despair and calling Amelie, and says he loves her. From embarrassment his girlfriend becomes pink and can no longer hide.

For children 1-3 years.

“Snowman”, “The Snowman and the Snowdog”: Raymond Briggs, Hilary Odus ( “Polyandriya”, 2016).

“Snowman” – a story in pictures of the famous British illustrator, first published in the UK and US in 1978. This is fairy tale about a boy making a snowman who suddenly came to life. How great was it to spend time together! The boy shows a snowman his home, treats piece of ice from the refrigerator helps to try my father’s suit, so he tried to stay a little man. It looks dressed snowman just hilarious. A snowman takes the boy in flight over the snow-covered city. But in the morning the boy discovers his friend melted – predictable, but no less sad ending.

Maybe somehow to restore justice, Hilary Odus and Joanna Harrison created the continuation of this story. In the book, “Snowman and snow dog” picture smaller, but the text appears. The house, which was discussed in the first book, is entering a new family, which also have a boy. One day he finds a picture of the former residents of the home of the previous book, with a snowman. Then the boy decides to sculpt exactly the same snowman and snow residues – a little dog. At night it comes alive a couple of snow, and all sorts of amazing adventures begin. At the end of melting snowman traditionally, but the dog stays with the boy, that is, this time in the history of almost happy ending. In Russia, the two books were published at the same time publishing “Polyandriya”.


Despite the fact that none of these books do not mention Christmas or New Year, they are remarkably suitable for reading during the holidays, because the stories, they told – is the history of a miracle. After all, miracles are waiting for the children at this time. And they are great snow, good and bright.

Children 2+

“BEE”: author Peter Socha ( “Scooter”, 2016).

The grand treatise on bee life in pictures. Now you’ll know all about bees. How does the bee family? How do scientists know that bees existed with dinosaurs? What is inside the hive? Where goes mobile apiary? As bees communicate with each other? The book is large format, large realistic illustrations, under which are concise but highly informative explanation.

For children 6+


“LITTLE THEATRE Rebecca”: The author Rebecca Dotremer ( “MIF”, 2016).

Book theater, created by the French artist Rebecca Dotremer. There is almost no words, but each page – a theater scene, with elaborately carved with openwork decorations and a little eccentric characters. At this stage every time the birth of a new fairy tale. And fairy tales are invited to become the director of the reader. The book is unusual, bright and inviting, it is hard to pass by it and do not touch, do not browse, not to consider the numerous details.

For kids 4+

“World of Nature”: The authors Amanda Wood, Mike Jolly ( “MIF”, 2016).

Such books are fascinating and deprived of will. Even if you are firmly he told himself that the child has enough books about plants and animals too. Even if you decide to not even remotely approach the big colorful encyclopedias.


The first book will draw your attention to a large format and original illustrations. They are made in a unique author’s style, and all plants and animals are very believable and recognizable. Everything is very clear: tables, figures, high-quality infographics. The book contains both general facts and curious and amusing details that are so fond of children. All information is well structured and classified, so that the best way was deposited in the memory. Perhaps before that I have not seen so successful in this regard editions.