It is no secret that many of our ideas about other countries, especially if we were not there, based on stereotypes. Matrony.ru decided to fill the gaps in knowledge and begin the cycle of publications about the most common “regional studies” myths. Let’s start with Italy.

Part one: the real truth!

To paraphrase a famous saying that “a fairy tale – a lie, so it hint”, some of the commonplaces stereotypes about Italy is not so false. Conversely, there are those where the truth is clearly far-fetched. Let’s investigate.

So, what are the stereotypes are true?

Not a single paste?
The average Italian eats in a year, about 26 kilograms of pasta, which is three times more than what eats for the year American and five times more than the annual “norms” of Spaniards and Germans. The paste is fed and as a separate dish, and as part of various casseroles and even salads.

But Italians do not eat all the pasta they produce and export their pasta abroad. Top judges the pasta italiana – Germans, Frenchmen and Englishmen. The best-selling type of pasta – of course, spaghetti. In addition to spaghetti in Italy, there are about 300 species of short and long pasta.

The so-called “was even released in the country in 1967, legge di purezza “, “purity law”, according to which this paste can only be made from durum wheat. This pasta Italians consciously prepared al dente , literally “by heart”, a little dovarivaya and therefore manage to have her for his own pleasure and not gain weight.

Embodiment of style
Between the words “fashion” and “Italy” can safely equate. After all, where else but in Italy, the police can boast of form of Valentino, and the players – T-shirts from Armani? And what a red carpet be without toilets and jewelry made in Italy? And how many famous names, trends and styles gave Italy the fashion world!

Is it any wonder that the man met in Italy “on clothes.” The first thing you pay attention to when meeting the Italians – this shoe. Still, their country can boast centuries-old tradition of shoe production. But what to say, here even the country itself – and that has the shape of a boot!

One important clarification. The Italians are not used to elaborate dress and stand out from the crowd by shouting accessories. Take advice on arms so beloved in Russia Italian star Sophia Loren: “The quiet voice of elegance.”

Mamma mia!
Mom – a key figure in an Italian family. For the average Italian his mother – indisputable authority decisively in everything from financial savings to the regime of washing shirts, from the purchase of the machine to select the beloved.

A few young people would dare to question the authority of his mamma , and if they try, it will be quickly put in place: whether hysteria, tears and exhortations. So much happened here. Is it any wonder that the Italian children are so attached to his mother, which often live with their parents, even surpassing thirty abroad?

The famous Italian song about immigrant who, after many years of separation, finally returned home – is the story of a typical Italian son, “Mom, I’m so happy because I return to you … Mom, you – my most beautiful song, you – my life and the more we’ll never part. ”

I’ll explain on the fingers!
The Italians are explained not so much by words as gestures. Perhaps, precisely because of its expressive facial expressions and desperate – otherwise you could not tell! – Gestures Italians manage to easily find a common language even with those foreigners whose they do not understand the language. Italians themselves, even joking that if they tie the hands, they simply … onemeyut. My four-year-daughter recently, unwittingly confirmed this axiom: we played salochki, and I grabbed her by the arms, causing the baby, angry, yelled: “Mom, if you hold my hand, then I also will speak ?!”. And, really, how? ..

Without facial expressions and gestures Italian certainly become poor by half. So advice: if you really want them to learn, then learn not only grammar and vocabulary, learns Italian gestures! And rehearse, rehearse – it’s Italy!

Part Two: lyasy sharpens but fools people

… However, in some places stereotyping still fails. It turns out that the Italians – all as the selection, dark-eyed brunettes, football fans and bargain even with a bunch of mafia families across the country … Let’s see how things really are.

Dark eyes, burning …
How do you imagine the Italians? Surely, swarthy and black-haired beauties with curly hair to his shoulders? Oh, how the cinema rasstaralsya! In fact, in Italy there are a lot of types of men: from the stocky and low southerners (completeness here, by the way, is almost the sign of wealth) to high, lean and nosed Tuscans. And absolutely nothing is impossible to ignore the indigenous inhabitants of Sicily: in contrast to popular stereotypes, besides burning brunettes here there are the most that neither is a true green-eyed blond descendants of the Normans, conquered the island in the XII century.

My big Italian family
More recently, in Italy was introduced so-called Day of Fertility … And all because the birth rate in modern Italy catastrophically falls in the last 7 years. ISTAT, the Italian Statistics Institute, has sounded the alarm: the first time in 90 years after the unification of Italy, the number of inhabitants in the country fell by about 130 thousand people.

In most families, especially in the north, only one child – the few who dares to two, let alone three. Have children – it is expensive, and many can not afford. And the mother in fear of losing their jobs not to stay on maternity leave and in a hurry to work. According to statistics, the number of working women with children in all areas of lower number of working women who are childless.

3. Football – my everything?

Football – it is undoubtedly the most popular sport in Italy. Here for your favorite team get sick families and whole generations: the grandmother, and grandfather, and boys and girls, and their parents – all with the same passion and enthusiasm. Only vain to think that avid fans are all Italians, without exception. There are those – and, horror of horrors! – A lot of them who are not really interested in football. However, with one caveat: if the national team plays in some important championship, then the life of the whole country literally stops and all – old and young – petrified in front of screens in the hope of winning.

4. Cosa Nostra: State of the State

Postulate that Italy is ruled by mafia – a myth. Where it would be better to say that the Italian mafia in cooperation with the government rules the country, dividing spheres of influence. Do not believe me? Do you think it’s impossible? Even blasphemous? So you should know that in Italy has long been exaggerated hunch that once the government has entered into with the mafia kind of non-aggression pact.

In the story he went under the name of the contract state-mafia trattativo Stato – mafia Who Said Thanks , and assumed that the state will continue to struggle with the visibility of cosa nostra, removing only the “small fry” and the mafia, meanwhile, will be able to easily arrange their affairs. What wins state? A quiet life without the signed “armed phalanx” mafia army, terrorist attacks and saving the lives of hundreds of innocent civilians. Presumably, this agreement was concluded after the attacks in 1992 on the judges Falcone and Borsellino, who were fighting against organized crime, and a series of attacks in 1993 against ordinary citizens.

You will surely come to mind the once popular Italian TV series “Octopus” and desperate Commissioner Cattani? And it is true: the film perfectly illustrates that passed through Italy, before its government decided to collusion with the Mafia.

And you say dolce vita …

And in general, I believe that everyone in love with Bel Paese has its Italy. For some, this country smells of coffee and croissants for someone – the sea breeze and fresh fish on the grill from the restaurant on the waterfront. In other Italy associated with expensive boutiques in Milan’s gold “fashion box”, while others – with the grueling work in the endless fashion shows. Someone took a fancy to Forte dei Marmi and likes to relax here in the summer, as someone who lives here for years … Everyone has their own truth about Italy, its love, its charm. I do all sorts of things, and the charm of Italy is not to hold – in this all agree, who have been here. Come and take a look for yourself!