And maybe they should not take a picture beside Taylor Swift.

When it comes to Hollywood, what people will expect to see are girls or women with beautiful face, clear skin and probably long legs. However, many stars we see on screen almost every day are actually (and surprisingly) not really as tall as we think they are, and it means..talent is more important than physical appearance! Yay!

But, wait! Who are they? Alright, so here is the list of Hollywood beautiful stars who are actually not really tall, but don’t worry.. they are still awesome! Here we go:

1. Salma Hayek
The Mexican-American actress and model is not really short, but still, if she stands beside Taylor Swift, well… she better not to. How tall is she anyway? She is 5’2” or 1.57m.

2. Shakira
FIFA Ballon d'Or Gala 2011
The singer with unique voice is as tall as Salma Hayek: 5’2” or 1.57m

3. Vanessa Hudgens
If you were a big fan of High School Musical, then you knew who she is! The woman born in 1988 is 5’1” tall or 1.55m.

4. Hayden Panettiere
The actress known best for her role as Claire Bennet in Heroes TV series is 5’0” or 1.53m.

5. Ariana Grande
The last one is Ariana Grande. Similar to Hayden Panettiere, the Dangerous Woman singer is 5’0” or 1.53m.

So how, guys? Are you surprised to know it? Well, if you are under 5’5” but have a dream to be a star, don’t give up! Those celebrities are the living proof of how we should never let our physical appearance limit our dream.