The program consists of 12 simple exercises take just a few minutes a day and will help burn calories and bring the body back in order.


It includes work: the whole body.

This exercise is desirable to carry out a rapid pace. It will play the role of warm-up and raise your body temperature. During the jump, make sure that your knees are “soft”, that is a little bent.

Training is specially designed so that even a small amount of time with regular classes you can develop endurance and become stronger. At least, that is what the creators promise to her.

All that is required of you – to carry out these 12 exercises (30 seconds each) at 10 second intervals of rest.

Exercise number 1. Ā«Jumping Jack”


It includes work: the gastrocnemius and quadriceps femoris.

Lean back against the wall and do the squat. The angle at the knees should be 90 degrees. Freeze in this position for 30 seconds.

Exercise number 2. Static squat, with a focus on the wall


It includes job: chest, abdominal muscles and triceps.

During the push-ups, make sure that your back is straight, the head is not stretched to the floor at the bottom. Try to do as many repetitions in the allotted time.

Exercise number 3. Pushups


It includes job: abs.

During this exercise, focus on the abdominal muscles. The loin should be pressed to the floor, pulled his chin to his chest. If you are performing a full body ups, follow the waist: it gently tear off the floor in the last turn while lifting and rounds on the descent.

If it is a twisting of the back should be pressed to the floor constantly. Try to detach blades from the ground and do not try to pull yourself up with the help of the neck.

Exercise number 4. Full ups or twisting of the trunk


It includes work: the legs, hips and buttocks.

During the exercise, see straight ahead. If you go up on the curb with the right leg down should be on the left.

Exercise number 5. Zashagivaniya on the curb (or bench)


It includes work: the legs and buttocks.

During squats back should be flat, basis weight moved to the heel. During ups you also need to make a start with his heels. Knees should not go beyond the toes. The deeper descend, the greater the load on the glutes.

Exercise number 6. Standard squats


It includes job: triceps.

During a reverse push-ups, try to drop down so that the shoulders are parallel to the floor. The back should be as close as possible to the support. The head should not be drawn into the shoulders.

Exercise number 7. Reverse push-ups on the triceps


It includes work: the whole body, especially the muscles of the core.

During this exercise, make sure that your palms rested on the floor directly under your shoulders. The body with the head and feet should be a straight line, the chest is opened, stomach in, waist without sagging. Heels and top are pulled in opposite directions.

Exercise number 8. Plank with an emphasis on the wrist


It includes work: the whole body.

While running in place, try not to slouch, raise your knees as high as possible and do not forget to work with your hands.

Exercise number 9. Running on the Spot


It includes job: thighs, buttocks.

During the attacks the upper body should be straightened. Perform step forward and squat. The angle at the knees of both legs should be 90 degrees. Knee support legs should not extend beyond the toe, and free leg knee should almost touch the floor.

Exercise number 10. Squatting in lunge


It includes work: the upper part of the body.

After performing a standard push-ups expand the body to the side and lift one arm up so it was a straight line with the second support arm. Look up on the palm. Then again, do push-ups and turn around in the opposite direction.

Exercise number 11. Push-ups with the transition of the side bar


It includes work: the whole body, the main emphasis – on the muscles bark.

Stand in classic plank position, with emphasis on the wrist (or forearm) and from this position turn around to the side, raised his free hand up. The body should be a straight line with his feet, his hand (or elbow) rests on the floor just below the shoulder, stomach in, no sagging loin, pelvis not retracted. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch sides.

If you feel that you can withstand a greater load, make one more approach!

Exercise number 12. The side plank