Whatsapp  is practically the most downloaded application of all time. Having saved a lot of money on calls, we owe it to this great application. But as almost any Android application, you tricks and secrets waiting to be discovered, so here I bring the 7 most useful and entertaining tricks that  Whatsapp has  to offer today.  1

1.USA  whatsapp  without numberDoes using  whatsapp  without number? If it is possible ! Sincerely I think the best trick that offers this application. To be precise, use  whatsapp  without number means use it without your own number. How to do it ? It’s very easy, just follow these steps.


First uninstall  whatsapp  from your mobile.

Now download  whatsapp  again from Play Store and install it again (This is important to do this trick).

Disables messaging (activates airplane mode).

Open the application  WhatsApp  and put your number. Now  whatsapp  will not send the message to your service in order to check because you put the airplane mode.

Therefore  whatsapp  you’ll ask to choose an alternative method to verify your number.

Choose ” Check via SMS ” and enter your email.

Click the ‘send’ button and also instantly click the ‘Cancel’ button. This is necessary in order to complete the authorization process.

Now start the best part of this trick! Install Spoof Messages app on your phone.

Go to the output tray and copy the details of the Spoofer Application message and send it to the spoofer verification.

Use Spoofed’s message details To: +447900347295 ie: ” + (country code) (mobile number) Message: Your e-mail address.

Then the message will be sent to spoofed number and you can use this number to communicate with your friends. 


4.Bloquea your  whatsapp  password  all know that privacy is very important and when it comes to intimate conversations. Prevention is always better than cure so that no one read your conversations  whatsapp , set the lock. With this trick your messages will be safe!


Descargate  Whatsapp  Lock  here 

Install the lock on your android smart phone and adds the password.Now your  whatsapp  is protected.

5. Have you deleted your messages? Get them back!   This trick will help you recover your lost messages. Due to a malfunction or other reason you have lost your messages? Do not worry, with this trick you will recover without problem.


WhatsApp  saves all messages in SD Cards.

Go to Mobile SD Card> Whatsapp > Database: There you’ll find a msgstore.db.crypt file containing all messages sent and received onthe same day. You can also find another file in the same folder that contains all messages sent and received during the last 7 days. (It is the most important step of this trick).

Simply open those files with a simple text editor.

Now you can read all your messages.


6.Crea one 
Whatsapp  fake can create a fake chat  whatsapp  with celebrities and amaze your friends by teaching your conversations with celebrities. You can fool them into a fake conversation with Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp.

All you have to do is download an application called WhatSaid App download it here.

Now with this application you will be able to create conversations with whoever you want, simply uploading: a famous photo, your name and false messages. 


7.Ejecute more than one account on a mobile only 

This trick is one of the most sought after and yes, it is possible to have more than one account on a mobile only. What you have to do is get in Qd Tricks and there you will find an application called  Ogwhatsapp , with the help of this application you can run more than one account whatsapp .