In the secular world, a sensation was the news about the gap between Hollywood actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. While divorce “Bredzholiny” in the top of the news, experts say what the implications of this gap can make a non-stellar pair.

Any relationship vulnerable, even those that seem to be ideal.
Outwardly, it seemed that Pitt and Jolie a perfect life together: together they traveled the world helping people together to act in films. They have six children, the property around the world, and in his spare time, they even managed to produce a wine that “The best pink wine in the world” was recognized in 2013.

“But their divorce proves that even the golden couple cry,” – says family therapist Aaron Anderson, Denver, Colorado. “Marriage should be permanently care – said the psychologist. – From the side it may seem that everything is fine with him, but it is important that the inside rather than the outside. ” Above the marriage to work, “to develop and to give him a lot of attention,” – said Anderson.

The second and third marriage is much harder first.
The risk of divorce in the second and third marriage is much higher. Jolie in 1996 was married to Jonny Lee Miller, and in 2000 – Billy Bob Thornton. In the same year, Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston. Four years later, Pitt Jolie met on the set of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” and their relationship with Aniston discussed by all and sundry.

“Throw a man whose every move gets leaked to the press – a bad start for any couple,” – says family therapist Virginia Gilbert, Los Angeles. “When a relationship starts so badly, you idealize your new partner, ignoring any warning signs, – she says. – And most of all, the problems that you were trying to avoid in the first marriage, will be shown in the following ways, if you do not solve them. ”

If your marriage has broken up, try not to wash dirty linen in public.
Although rumors about the reasons for breaking up Pitt and Jolie have spread very quickly, the couple hurried themselves only make elaborate statements about the gap and has since kept their mouths shut.

“This is a very smart move,” – says Karen Covey, divorce attorney and author of the book “How to survive a divorce emotionally, financially and legally.”

“No divorce is not attracted as much attention as divorce” Bredzholiny “, but still many people continue to sniff out and inquire – Covey said. – It is necessary to give a brief statement about her divorce, as did Pitt and Jolie ( “My husband and I split up I appreciate your concern and I hope that you will respect the right of the family to privacy and personal space in this difficult time.”) and leave it at that. Then whenever your nosy neighbor or colleague will ferret out the details, you will be hard to be caught off guard.

Hire the best lawyer (of the ones you can afford) .
When it came time to file for divorce, Jolie has found one of the best lawyers: Laura Wasser, a prominent lawyer who handles cases of Johnny Depp, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum.

“Ordinary people should do the same and try not to bring the case to court”, – said Randall Kessler, a divorce lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia. “Lawyers Pitt and Jolie will certainly try to have their divorce did not reach the court, – he said. – Good lawyers know that in any case – loud or not – it is important that the parties have agreed to make a deal. ” (Although in our country the practice of hiring a lawyer is not common, resolve conflicts amicably advice is relevant -. Ed.. ).

Protect children.
Jolie asked for full custody of her six children – Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne and Knox. Recently, it was reported that the couple had come to a temporary agreement over the next three weeks.

“Regardless of who gets custody, it is important that the conflict did not touch the children”, – says Rosalind Sidakka, a consultant on divorce and education, author of “How to tell children about the divorce?”. “You have to feel and understand what a child needs, – she said. – You must be able to tell everything they need to know about the upcoming changes in your life without mudslinging one of the parents. Say it over and over again that you love them, no matter what happens. Do not deprive childhood children by sharing with them the problems of adults. ”

Your marriage may fall apart, but you will be parents.
“And Pitt and Jolie said that the family is for them in the first place – the view, to be followed if you want to be good parents,” – said Laura Heck, family therapist, Salt Lake City, Utah.

“If you have removed the ring, it does not mean you have to stop working on the relationship and the ability to compromise, by contrast, have to work even more, as the basis of marital friendship is destroyed and the beautiful feelings that were no longer among you, – says specialist. – I would strongly recommend Pitt and Jolie (and any divorcing couple) undergo therapy, to understand how to behave in a new way the parents are divorced. “