ES File Explorer, alas, not the cake. If you too are tired of notification and advertising, it is time to find a replacement.


File Manager

If you need a simple and reliable tool for working with files, pay attention to this program. She may lose the functionality of the other participants in this review, but it looks nice and fast. An excellent choice for novice users who do not want a whole day to understand the settings, just copy the file anywhere.





And for dessert we have one of the best file manager for Android, which, however, you will not find in the Google Play Store app. While this program developer took as a model the regular conductor of MIUI operating system. Therefore, with the appearance in MiXplorer, as you know, everything is in order.

In terms of functionality, the program also does not let us down. Even a cursory listing of all MiXplorer capacity would take a lot of space, why we limit ourselves to the statement that you would not in real life ever meet a task that would be the file manager failed. And in the end we want to inform you that MiXplorer contains no advertising and is free of charge, according to the developer, will always be free.