In his book “Memory 100%” Marilu Henner shares the secrets of learning how to quickly memorize a foreign language, to hold long number series in the head, three-dimensional texts, names of people, PIN codes and much more likely.


Marilu Henner
One of the twelve people in the world, possessing an uncanny autobiographical memory. She remembers the smallest details of his life, from early childhood.
1. Understand

Very often, people are trying to just memorize unfamiliar words and phrases, without understanding their meaning. Perhaps this will be enough for a few days, for example, for the exam. Unless, of course, the lecturer will not be asked to explain what you mean by ablation and what are the signs of those most chromosomal aberrations of the first ticket.

The brain remembers the great words related associative. Strange combination of letters, he also throws like garbage, not wanting to spend time on them.

For this reason, most people hardly teach foreign languages . Strange-sounding word is not brought to mind family pictures and clear heart.

Therefore, for better memory, you must first understand and understand all the new terms. Try to feel the word and link it to the imagination with familiar concepts.

2. Think of association

Have fantasy – one of the most powerful tools for storing information. Mnemonics greatly facilitate the process of learning the important reports, presentations, texts, including in foreign languages at the expense of artificial associations.

Take the word “Monday”. What pictures are running on your home screen? It can be morning, terrible traffic jams on the road, thought throbbing in the head, the day on the calendar page of the diary from childhood or a buzzing office anthill. And what do you see?
To associative links turned out strong and durable, you can use the rule of five fingers. Each finger binds its association filled with whatever content.

Fingers Association
Big “Raisins”. Original, foolish, absurd
Pointing “Emotions”. Use only positive
Average “About a loved one.” Feel free to contact me with a memory object
Nameless “Feel”. Connect your senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, tactile feel
Little finger “In move”. Make your subject moving. The brain stores information rapidly in dynamics
Thus, the necessary information is imprinted in your memory immediately at all levels of the senses, which will still use it for a long time.

3. Trick magic number 7 ± 2

The well-known American scientist and psychologist George Miller found that short-term human memory can remember and repeat more than 7 ± 2 elements. constant information overload mode reduces this number to 5 ± 2.

Nevertheless, there is an easy way of cheating the laws of short-term memory: the use of the method of the stories, which assumes the logical linking of one chain of isolated memory objects. You can get a funny, fabulous and absolutely impossible in real life story. The main thing is that with it you will be able to remember more than 15 items at a time.

According to the director in the next scene, you have to swim in the pool, to the brim filled with semolina. Yes, just imagine the madness in bright colors. Feel the skin as semolina sticks to your skin. How hard to swim in the warm swill, but porridge and not too thick. As the air smells of milk, butter and childhood.
4. Repeat correctly

Our brain can be programmed – it is a scientific fact. To achieve the goal you need her awareness and daily work in the chosen direction. Therefore, if you are firmly decided that you are extremely important to learn English for six months, then the brain is tuned to the intensive memorization. But in addition to regular training is important and regular repetition of the material.

Use certain time intervals in order to best memory: repeat the material immediately after training, then after 15-20 minutes, 6-8 hours (preferably at bedtime) and last time – a week.

5. Tune

Perhaps there is nothing worse than when a person thinks of himself in negative terms: “I have never not do it with that”, “it is impossible for me to remember it”, “I do not get to learn such a complex report.” Use only positive statements, programming your brain to work and the result.

Tune in right, tell yourself: “I remember,” “I have a good memory. I will remember, “” I’ll remember and easy to retell in your own words in two hours. ” Adjust themselves. Resource state of the brain – your area of responsibility.
Knowing the five secrets of memory, you can learn to remember the really complex and versatile material easily. In addition, there are many interesting and natural to human ways of memory training and securing the necessary memory objects, which Marilu Henner also tells in detail of his book .

Enjoy your reading and your excellent memory!