Electronic thieves, jealous spouses, and even government services – this is a basic list of those who may be the case to your personal life. Check to see if someone has access to your data through the smartphone is not trying.


1. Rapid battery discharge

A couple of weeks after the acquisition of the smartphone is enough to understand how long the battery will stretch on a normal day. Over time, this interval will be less due to the natural loss of capacity and new back-end applications. However, these factors do not interfere with notice that the battery suddenly starts to discharge unnaturally fast. The reason may be spyware trackers, which are not asleep any minute and eat the charge, using GPS.

2. Unexpected heating body

Even leading manufacturers of smart phones are not immune to engineering errors that lead to overheating of the body during the games, high-performance computing or charging. This is quite normal, given what power is hidden in them. Another thing, if a smartphone, even in standby mode makes itself felt a slight warmth through his pocket. Perhaps behind the screen wielding malware with a big appetite for hardware resources.

3. Speed of traffic flow

Preview images in the tape cut off Twitter for a long time, photos VK lay exclusively from home and Coub can afford only when khalyavnykh-Fi access Wi . This traffic is melting before our eyes, it is hardly enough for three weeks, although I lived out until the end of the month. It’s time to part with furtive mobile operator, which is something nahimichil to lure a more expensive data plan? Most likely, it will not help because there is malware on your smartphone constantly collect and send the data over to the side.

4. Frequent problems with the speaker

In vain you poke with a new smartphone in the damn subway. Someone much envied and navёl on new clothes “subway” – the terrible damage, due to which the speaker submits a sound as if from a pipe. Although sometimes other symptoms: digital noise, voice delay, squeak and echo. Not every technician will return to its former purity of sound, especially if you do not conceive the problem in Bad Recording software.

5. causeless reboot

The smartphone is turned off in the middle of the film – so what? It’s better than dining shame in front of colleagues when they showed chips CyanogenMod and caught a reboot of the blue. Ulyazhemsya sleep, and tomorrow no longer remember this misunderstanding. But sleep does not help if the phone has lodged an intruder, because of which the gadget catches weird bugs: does not respond to commands from the application throws, gives incomprehensible warnings and simply crashes.