The community of professional photographers 35PHOTO holds second annual competition 35AWARDS, which has set itself a very ambitious goal: to select the best 100 photos in 2016 with hundreds of thousands of works submitted to the contest. Evaluation System photo viewers, photographers who have been moderated to Send , and a professional jury will select the most deserving, fresh, artistic and original photos. Winners receive electronic certificates, and the best works fall into the album, published the results of the contest.

All photos are evaluated anonymously, so regalia, merit and famous photographers have absolutely no effect on the result. This is an excellent opportunity for novice photographers to express themselves and show the world their work is really worthy. Also, this is the best opportunity for professionals once again confirmed its status quo. Impartial and multi-stage assessment will not miss the most interesting shots and look for the best among them, defining the 100 most deserving.

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Last year 35AWARDS attracted more than 36,000 participants who have placed more than 80 thousand photographs. Professional community, numbering 8,000 photographers, as well as numerous site visitors and worthy members of the jury worked hard to find the best. Thanks to a balanced evaluation system was selected one hundred best works in six categories, all participants were in absolutely equal conditions.

This year we decided to allocate 13 nominations, making competition even tougher and more precise selection. In addition, the organizers offer a unique tool for professional photographers growth – the ability to monitor in real-time assessment of his photographs of the site visitors (both audience and professionals), as well as the ability to edit the pictures posted on the contest. As a result, the participant accurately understand the status of their work and see what it finds in response to a variety of audiences, and therefore can accurately determine in which direction should move on.

If you have photos that you think can be, do not doubt. Participate, share best works, watch the response of the audience and get new sources of inspiration. It’s free, easy and very entertaining! 35AWARDS – the largest fotoivent Runet, which this year will be even more massive, fun and interesting. Let’s all find 100 unique fotoshedevrov 2016, worthy of universal admiration!

To participate in the photo competition, click here: Fotopremiya 35PHOTO.Awards .

Below is part of the inspiration for the works of the winners of last year.

Photo by: Andrey Ershov
Photo by: Sergey Korolev
Photo by: Vitaly Novikov


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Picture Author: Rahul Saha
Picture Author: Saravut Whanset
Picture Author: Yudin Alexander
Photo by: Sergey Anisimov
Picture Author: Alexander Perov
Photo by: Alex Shaskolsky
Picture Author: Boris Belchev
Picture Author: Roman Murushkin
Picture Author: Gediminas Karbauskis
Picture Author: Hossein Zare
Photo by: Alex Skubsky


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Picture Author: Milad Safabakhsh
Photo by: Dmitry Styazhkin
Photo by: Julia Artemyev
Picture Author: Galina Jijikine
Photo by: Kirill Ivanov
Photo by: Lisa Shaburova