It is not necessary to present for the holidays close another unnecessary trinket. Give the experience! Layfhaker and Fur & Pur found at least seven reasons why people over thirty to be happy about this gift.


Impression will not gather dust in the closet

Admit it, you probably on the far shelf hidden away a few gifts that were made sincerely and for which you did not raise his hand during the regular combat junk. They take up space and upset you whenever you have them again and again to find.

With such an impression on the certificate simply can not happen.

Gift-impression is not as expensive as you think

For the money you’ll spend on average for a certificate, it is difficult to find something that would be as original and memorable. In addition, now is the time of New Year shares. Company Fur’s & Pur , for which we have selected examples of gifts, experiences, for the purchase of each of the third certificate gives a 50% discount.

The cost of certificates purchased on, will be the same as if you purchased them directly from the service provider, there is no margin on the service there. At the same time to make a purchase through much easier than, for example, to search for a website or parachute club representative to buy a gift certificate for a parachute jump.

The owner of the certificate and activates it directly on the site Upon activation, it has shown partners contacts that provide a service. For many impressions you can select the location where the holder of the certificate will be convenient to get your gift.

Impressions bring more happiness than things

The thing is to please, yet it’s new. Pleasant memories will please all his life. Each impression – it is an experience to be proud of, which can boast.

If you, for example, try to fly in aerotrube , sure your friends and then get tired of listening to the story of how you “somersaulted through the air like Superman.”
Flying in aerotrube – one of the most popular gifts, and the Company Fur & Pur offers seven options for certificates.

Special offer – 10 types of certificates of different values on their own flights to aerotrube Fur & Pur «Ai-Fly”, which will open in February 2017 at the plant “Arma” in the center of Moscow.

Certificate for the flight in the pipe “Ai-Fly” you can buy now and Save 20% on promotional code lifehacker. Use the certificate recipient will be able within a year beginning in February 2017.
Impression helps change

And variations can be substantial. For example, the lesson of extreme driving can get rid of the fear of the road, a master class in makeup for girls – add confidence. A professional recording of the song in the studio – to push the long-standing dream to start a singing career.

Gift-experience will allow finally dedicate time to yourself

After 30 years there is so much to do varying degrees of importance that the hand does not reach frivolous nonsense. I would like to like to go for a massage, or spend the day relaxing in any spa, but there are always other things that this money is spent and time.

But since when someone is handed a certificate for a chocolate body wrap or a Thai massage, the output does not get out. If you want something really unbanal, now it has a new spa fun – beer font !

The joy of the experience can be shared with friends and loved ones

General held memories of fun times strengthen relationships. Gift-impression can be chosen in such a way that the recipient can use them with your loved one or friends. Lovers can go out on a date on a snowmobile or in a salt cave, and friends – to the popular quest is now in reality. If you do not know what to choose from a variety of quests, give a certificate ” Top 10 Moscow quests ” from which the recipient can choose the quest for your taste.

Impression – a universal gift

Certificate on impression you can give a loved one, friend, parents, children, colleagues. And it is easy to buy: choosing the site and then order delivery, pick up your own or ask to send an electronic version.

The recipient need not immediately “cash out” certificate. It is valid for eight months. It’s good also because you can not think about the season and give the certificate in the winter quietly in the summer entertainment.