YouTube Options – a favorite in the last expansion of hundreds of thousands of yutuberov. However, recently it has been paid, so it’s time to find a replacement.


For easy viewing of videos on YouTube created a huge number of extensions, but the most popular until recently was YouTube Options. With it, you can convert YouTube page in a real movie theater, change hidden settings service, disable unnecessary interface elements, cut advertising and much more.

It seems that the popularity of the developers gone to his head, so they made their product a fee. Well, we wish them every success, and themselves will pick a full free replacement.

Magic Actions for YouTube

Members: 2677 686.
Average rating: 4.83.

Most functional expansion in the review. In terms of features, it is practically in no way inferior to YouTube Options, however, still remains free.

Key features

  • AutoHD Function: Playback start in your chosen quality.
  • Volume control by using mouse wheel.
  • Cinema Mode, which allows you to enjoy the view without being distracted by extraneous elements.
  • Fast and convenient Save screenshots to PNG, JPEG and WEBP.
  • Switching the “Day / Night” mode in a single click.
  • Viewing and deleting browsing history.
  • Looping.
  • Displays the highest-rated video on the same subject.
  • Displaying additional information about users in the comments.
  • The ban on auto play videos.
  • Repeat all, or only a single video section.
  • The ability to hide a block of comments, descriptions, related videos, and so on.


Enhancer for YouTube

Members: 122 238.
The average score of 4.74.

Enhancer for YouTube is a very lightweight extension that significantly improves usability video. It has low system requirements, and did not slow down your computer.

Key features

  • Volume control by using mouse wheel.
  • Removing commercials from video.
  • Removing ads that appear in the view.
  • Disabling automatic play.
  • Disable preloading.
  • Automatic playback of 4K, HD or any other in your preferred format.
  • Looping.
  • Play video in a special cinematic mode.
  • Custom actions with using JavaScript.



Members: 184 090.
The average score of 4.47.

With ImprovedTube you will have access to all the features of YouTube, as well as some brand new features. Unlike many other extensions ImprovedTube cares about your privacy and does not store any information about your browsing history.

Key features

  • Start playback of the selected quality.
  • Setting the preferred size of the player.
  • Installation of default playback speed.
  • Disable display of annotations.
  • Disabling YouTube display any elements, including a header block comments, descriptions, and so forth.
  • Options for the playback of the playlist.
  • Disabling automatic play next video.