Parents of newborns often worry about how they will cope with the new baby. For Noel and Sue Radford from Morecambe, Lancashire, has become a familiar experience – 41-year-old Sue gave birth to 19th child.


Couple holding a family bakery for 11 years and lives in a Victorian house cost about 240 thousand pounds, without claiming any benefits. Spouses are proud that do not use credit cards and do not have credit agreements. They also have a rest abroad every year. In this case the spouse is not going to stop there and are already thinking about the 20 th child.

Mrs. Radford told The Sun: ¬ęPhoebe’s so beautiful, and I’m so happy that all is well with her, but never say never. Our friends and relatives are constantly told that we now need to round a number of children under 20. Well, I do not exclude such a possibility. At the moment, I’m just glad that Phoebe with us. She is healthy and simply beautiful. We are on cloud nine. The other children are lining up to hug her. I was not at all difficult to cope with the children, because they all help each other. ”




Childbirth lasted 40 minutes, and Phoebe entered into a large family, joined his brothers and sisters: Chris 27 years, Sophie 22 years old, Chloe 21, Jack 19, Daniel 17, Luke 15, Milli 14 years, Kathy 13 years James 12 years, Ellie 11 years, 10 years, Amy, Josh 9 years, 7 years max, Tilly 6 years, 4 years Oscar, Kasper 3 years, 13 months, Holly.

Mr and Mrs Radford wrote on his website on the day of birth to her daughter: “We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of our precious baby Phoebe Willow Radford, who was born on Sunday, July 24th at 3:37 and weighs 7 pounds 15 ounces. She is beautiful and now rests. Children absolutely crazy about the new family member. ”

Mr and Mrs Radford call themselves parents of 19 children, but in July 2014 Sue lost her son Alfie at 23 weeks of gestation. The couple gave his daughter Holly, who was born last summer, the second name of Alpha, in honor of his brother.

On the day of Mrs. Radford I noticed that Alfie is no longer move, and she ceased to feel his heartbeat. The couple went to the hospital to make sure everything is in order, and learned that their child had died.

Some time later, Mrs. Radford wrote: “The loss of a child changes you as a person, and I’m not the man who has been to Alfie’s death. I’ll never be the same, but I’m learning to be a mom and an angel smile, even when it’s hard.

When you lose a child, life is simply split into pieces and nothing can fix. When the doctor could not find the heartbeat of my baby, I remember Noel grabbed me, and I cried out “No!”, And the tears rolled down my face. I gave birth to Alfie night, we said goodbye to him and took pictures. death of a child is so cruel and unjust. ”

Sue became pregnant for the first time in 14 years, but the couple decided to keep the baby, as both Sue and Noel were adopted at birth. Four years after the birth of their first child, the young people decided to get married and after the wedding have learned that waiting for a second child – Sophie. A year later, Mrs. Redford became pregnant again, and since children are born into a family with a certain periodicity.

Last summer, when Holly was born, Radford said they do not plan to have more children, but “left tackle this nature.” And in the beginning of the year the couple wrote on their website that their children are enthusiastically awaiting the emergence of a new brother or sister: “In children, we announced the news, received a great photo US last week. We put the picture on the fireplace and sat down and waited, who was the first to notice it. ”

Spouses Radford told the children that are waiting for a child 19 in January, and a few weeks before their daughter Sophie gave birth to her third child at Christmas – a boy named Leo. Sophie married Joe in the last year and also works in the family business.




A day in the life of the family Radford

Mr. Radford goes to work at 5 am and spends 11 hours a bakery, where he helped the older children.

At 7.45 Mr Radford briefly returns home to take the little ones in the nursery at the school.

All clothes are laundered and has expanded in the evening, and breakfast takes place in two shifts.

Mrs. Radford loads about 6 to 12 washings per day, so that everyone in the family has clean clothes. It is necessary to use about 30 bottles of cleaning fluid each month and four rolls of toilet paper per day.

Six children are enrolled in primary school, and five – in the middle. Noel delivers children on a minibus, which seats up to nine passengers, so Noel is entitled to use dedicated lanes for public transport.

At this time, three younger – Oscar, Caspar, and Holley – stay at home with Sue, but Oscar goes to kindergarten in the afternoon.

The family spends on food 300 pounds a week. During the day they spend 18 liters of milk, 3 liters of juice and 3 boxes of cereal.

family budget to celebrate the birthdays of children is 100 pounds, and at Christmas – from 100 to 250 pounds.

The couple manage to feed a family on £ 250 a week. Usually they eat pasta or stew, using the suggestions of the local butcher and greengrocer.

Home swimming begins around 6 pm, then the younger children go to bed around 7pm and older – about 9 pm.

Mr and Mrs Radford, go to bed at 10 pm.