What to read kids and teens? How to captivate teen classics and modern literature? Should I read the book with a child, the story is it scary or frustrating? How to talk about books with their children, who have no time to read? On the most sensitive issues of parents meets Catherine Asonova , Ph.D., Mother 3 children, author of children’s literature and reading projects. Questions asked Facebook users.

16 tips to parents about children’s reading1) What not to allow a child to read by age?

Excellent wording of the question with the word “permit”! I would be all allowed. Bans enough – so let at least in reading the freedom of will! That is to say: “read permission” since age – itself a limitation in reading. That is, if a child is reading something, it’s his age. If it will be necessary to re-read later.

I have looked at this issue differently: there are books that do not fit into the family culture in which the child grows. Until about 13 years, they are not worth reading. The rest – relax and enjoy the pride of a child, read sophisticated books.

2) How to interest the child 10 years of reading?

Persistently and optimistically look for the desired book to him, but be prepared for the fact that it will be ‘stove works “or” The Hunger Games.

3) How to do this effectively, because after 3-4 attempts the child may refuse to try next?

This is a very important question. The answer is ornate: 1. Less is more, that is better to relax and do not try to find him a book right now and without fail; 2. It is necessary to somehow earn the trust of the child and understand his request (the country is trying to advise in a situation where the Council do not ask). 3. Perhaps this task better solve someone else, or there is a place (library, shop, club, etc.), where the child will cope with this task himself.

But do not read – is also a child’s right, and it is not so easy to accept and respect.

4) What can be done so that the child was not disappointed in reading during adolescence?

Parents – relax, baby – do not load. You can gently suggest, in an ideal – the search options, the choice of shops like “Bumper” (children’s book bus club shop), libraries, sites.

5) What to do with children’s fears while reading: a child is something frightening in the book, and he refuses to read more?

Has the right to. This is normal – scared and do not want to read further. It is necessary to give time, knowing that so many adults retain this feature – the emotional response to art. I, for example, can not read, “Quiet Flows the Don” – terrible! The most important thing – the fear of reading in a child rather suggests that the emotional sphere he’s all right. Teach it must live with the mobile emotion – for example, to learn to calm down.

6) How to captivate children’s classics? Do I need to specifically do something about it or just wait until the child himself to ripen serious works?

Here, as with porridge: just wait for understanding the utility.

Generally, the more we trust the child, the more likely it will be determined by the reader’s path. And again, in the reading of fiction there is nothing true and proper for all – everything is strictly individual.

7) Some children read boring and uninteresting, not like the process itself. Long texts they generally can not be beat – if breathing is not enough. What to do?

This is normal and should be in the world: some volume to read, to listen to someone, and someone hands work, their texts in stone or wood to create. There are people who do not like to read and do not feel any pleasure from the process – and it seems to me that the majority of them.

In general, children, reading, tired. It’s not an excuse. Especially when they read that were asked at school, rather than self-selected. But child read a favorite book challenging, both physically and intellectually. If a parent read avidly as a child, it does not mean that the child will copy it.

8) How to protect children from single-modern children’s literature?

Do not ignore it. Literature – not advertising on TV is read do not start, do no harm can not bring.

9) What to read a child under the age of 3 years?

The youngest to walk and talk is more important than reading. A specific flip books online Papmambuk, there is a thematic search by age.

10) How to combine reading in two languages? What if the same language a child reads a book complex and simple at the other? How not to lose the love of reading in their native language?

Through trial and error, because all individually here. As long as you learn to read in a new language, hardly able to read a lot of literature in the native complex, it means – will be allocated to this time in the holidays. Most often, children develop the practice of using each language for different themes and areas of life.

11) How to read with students verses without making memorize?

Aloud, with jokes, games, stamping. It seems that’s the secret to the systematic, the number (it should be a lot!), Quality and diversity.

12) nine-year son asked for the summer to read “White Bim Black Ear”. The boy is very sensitive, and I’m afraid to give him this book. Just I know that he was very upset. What to do?

Possible solutions: 1) Read. In sadness, tears of grief is nothing wrong. 2) Begin to read and to stop, if it becomes too hard. 3) To cry and realize that it is right, good and humane. The choice is yours.

13) Daughters of 7 years for the summer were asked to read through the list of 41 book and write a review for each. The child resists such infliction good. What to do?

Ignore the job, or write only about what he wants. Talk seriously with the teacher and ask her a question: whether it is ready to leave itself instead of 41 write a review?

14) How to talk about books with their children, who claim that they have no time to read?

Start with introductions: “Since you no time to read, let, I quickly Now you something retell …”. And remember, do not read – is also the right of free and respected man, and that is your child!

15) How to learn to recommend (to advertise, promote) the parent favorite books to read teen stopped resisting and interested?

Rubbish: simple and almost indifferent to say that like it (maybe with a couple of details), and put on the shelf (!). Himself chooses and honors. But! It is necessary to turn the situation: to ask advice, to read a teenager. Then the chance to discuss their own preferences on the rise.

16) What is required to read the child, in addition to that offers a school program?

I do not have a clear list. If it is very common to talk about the “right reading for a gentleman,” it all works, has given mankind the eternal themes. For example, “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Pippi Longstocking,” “Winnie the Pooh,” “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer,” “Lord of the Rings,” “The Chronicles of Narnia”, etc. From Russian authors – just need to sit down and remember all those whose names are important for you to do together with the child shared.

If we talk about contemporary literature, read about it on the websites Papmambuk http://www.papmambook.ru (portal for parents reading) , BIBLIOGUIDE http://bibliogid.ru/ (a project of the Russian State Children’s Library – here and can be a lot of the classics find interesting) and Binding http://vpereplete.org/ (magazine about children literature) . And I strongly advise them to library websites. A. Gaidar, the publishing house “Pink Giraffe”, “Scooter”, “KompasGid”, “Nastya and Nikita,” “White Crow”.